Learn your best send times and top performing content with Trends

Trends allows you to take more action with your email data

With our recent addition of Insights, data-driven marketers now have great visibility into their audience engagement. From audience growth analytics to email engagement metrics, it's never been easier to benchmark your performance. And while these initial metrics can give any marketer plenty of data to stay busy, it only scratches the surface.

Announcing Trends, the second wave of Insights

Available for Emma Plus and HQ customers, Trends takes your email analytics one step further. It will surface top performing content and send times, eliminating the time and effort previously spent compiling that data manually. With powerful graphics to show the effectiveness of your campaigns, Trends easily illustrates data points to help you shape your future campaigns, giving you confidence that you’re sending relevant information at exactly the right time.

What's new with Trends

Send Time Results

Based on the total number of clicks, opens, and engagement, you'll receive the top trending send times for a particular date range. Keeping these ranges in mind, you can plan future campaigns around times you know are most likely to generate the best results.

Top Trending Content

View your content and email volume within a select date range to see which content is performing the best in order to replicate successful trends across different audience sizes.

Top Trending Subject Lines 

View your top performing subject lines based on the total number of opens to learn what's inspiring your subscribers to open your emails.

Engagement Heatmap 

The heatmap is a visual representation of your email's performance, mapped out on a daily and hourly scale. It shows, at a glance, the high and low points of engagement with your campaigns.


How to use Trends

Trends allows you to easily toggle between different date ranges and audience sizes, giving you the flexibility to analyze top-performing content and send times. For Emma HQ customers, Trends works at the sub-account level and each sub-account can access Trends for their own metrics within the Insights tab.

Setting benchmarks while testing new ideas

Trends change as your audience evolves. Experiment with your content and check back often to be sure your content is resonating with your subscribers, both old and new. The more ways you can test different elements of your campaigns, such as subject lines and send times, the more you'll be able to understand what's working in order to keep crafting your best emails for your audience.

Wrap Up

Trends within Insights is available for all Emma Plus and HQ plans (Insights itself remains available for all plans). If you’re a current Emma customer on the Pro plan and are interested in upgrading, you can make a request in your Settings. If you’re not a current Emma customer and would like a demo, let’s talk!  

Did you miss our webinar on Insights reporting? You can watch the recording here to get a deep dive into Insights and see some of these Trends features in action!

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