All the new features we’ve released this year (so far)

This year, our product and engineering teams have been killing it, releasing amazing new features that help marketers plan, track, collaborate, and amplify their brands. In fact, we’ve already released more new features in 2017 than any year prior – and we’re not slowing down. Let’s take a look at what we’ve added to Emma accounts so far.

Landing Pages

Create gorgeous landing pages as easily as you can make an email in our drag-and-drop editor. Simply build your landing page, hit “publish,” and you’ve got a shareable link perfect for accepting traffic from all your channels! Landing Pages are available for all Emma Plus customers.

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A/B Content Testing

Take the guesswork out of your marketing with A/B Content Testing. Test variables within your email — CTAs, images, content length, and more — with a percentage of your audience and send the winner to the rest of your list.

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Interactive Marketing Calendar

Our new marketing calendar gives you increased visibility into your email schedule, makes it easier for your team to work together, and helps you adjust your strategy on the fly. And you can change a mailing’s send details — from name, from address, and subject line, or even reschedule/cancel it altogether — right from your Emma home screen.

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Response Reports

See your marketing’s performance over time with our new response reports. Your mailings’ response data over time — open rates, click rates, bounces, etc — is both easy on the eyes and easy to export and share for your next presentation.

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Segment Builder 2.0 (beta)

Not only did we give our popular Segment Builder a facelift, we added a ton of new features. Now you can see real-time contact counts, use “or” logic between criteria types, segment by postal code, duplicate existing segments, and more. The new Segment Builder will be released soon, but if you can’t wait, sign up for the beta.

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These features are available for all Emma Pro, Plus, and Enterprise customers (Landing Pages is for Emma Plus and above). If you're don’t have these features in your account, just let us know!

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