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Jeff Slutz


It seems like everywhere you turn in the marketing world, people are talking about how to get the most from automation. And hey, we’re no different.

But there’s a disconnect between the amount of people talking about marketing automation and how many marketers are actually using it to its fullest. The problem is that many of the tools are too complex and clunky, and the data needed to do it well isn’t readily available. It’s stressful, and frankly, marketers don’t have time to figure it all out.



Introducing Emma’s Advanced Automation suite.

We challenged our product team to build the most intuitive workflow builder around. And call us biased if you like, but they totally nailed it. It works how your team works, so you can spend your time creating rather than knee deep in a user manual or on hold with support.

As for the data part? We know your subscribers are mostly doing things outside of the inbox when they’re online – things like browsing your website, shopping in your online store, leaving product reviews, you name it.

By seamlessly connecting the data you’re collecting from your website, CRM, e-commerce platform, and other favorite services to Emma’s Event API, you can automatically trigger targeted email based on virtually any action your customers take. It puts your customers at the heart of your marketing, right where they should be.

So what’s all that mean? Here’s an example of what one customer's journey might look like using our totally awesome (but totally made up) outdoor retail brand WANDR.



WANDR has already set up an automated welcome email that populates content dynamically based on the fields she fills out on the signup form. In this case, she lives in Portland and enjoys exploring and hiking.



Through their e-commerce platform integration, WANDR knows that she left a backpack in her cart and uses that data to populate the content in an automated follow-up email.



Once she buys the backpack, it triggers the next email in WANDR’s automated workflow: tips for how and where she can use the product.


There’s no push to buy, just helpful ideas for breaking in the new backpack. This kind of relevant, useful content (delivered right on time) not only leads to a purchase, but it also keeps her engaged and keeps WANDR top of mind the next time she’s ready to buy.

Pretty powerful stuff, right? It’s personal, relevant, and timely email marketing at scale, for every customer, and you never even have to hit “send.”

Ready to try it out for yourself? Advanced Automation (and a whole lot more) comes standard with Emma Plus. Just get in touch!



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Jeff Slutz

Jeff is a senior content writer at Emma. When he’s not geeking out over email marketing, he enjoys jogging short distances, chowing down on Mom’s cooking, appreciating a beautiful jump shot, and telling anyone who listens how underrated Ohio is. Usually not at the same time.

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