Why the Scientific Method is key to better email results

Learn how great marketers use data to prove themselves wrong

ASK A QUESTION:How can I improve my key email marketing metric(s)?

GATHER DATA:Review metrics from previously sent campaigns, if available. Make observations from campaigns sent most recently. Identify trends specific to your key metric(s). Document high and low levels for key metric(s).

FORM A HYPOTHESIS:Develop a general theory about how slight modifications to your messages, design, cadence, or program will lead to improved results. Also, speculate about what you can expect if no changes are made.

DO AN EXPERIMENT:Choose one element to alter according to your hypothesis and test it against your audience. More on this later.

ANALYZE YOUR RESULTS:Review mailing response metrics and test results. Determine if your hypothesis was true or false.

REPORT RESULTS:Collect and document test experiment results to inform future campaigns and hypotheses.

“Good marketers use data to prove themselves right.

Great marketers use data to prove themselves wrong.”

This is an excerpt from, "The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Improving Your Email Results," a piece put together by our friend (and industry thought leader) Jay Baer.


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