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McKenzie Gregory


That's it – the very first run of The Emma Roadshow is officially in the books! 


Our first four Roadshow stops in Austin, Denver, Boston, and Chicago brought marketers across the US  together for evenings dedicated to learning how to compete with (and win against) the best brands in the world. We teamed up with great partners to help marketers optimize their programs, maximize engagement, and drive the results they’ve always wanted. Plus, with plenty of fun surprises like a Tito's Mule bar (Austin) and lobster rolls (Boston), each stop was an evening to remember.



Here's a quick summary of the topics discussed at The Emma Roadshow, plus a little bonus content to help you do your best marketing yet. 

Welcome & The State of Marketing – Emma

Our own Karen Gragg and Jamie Bradley at The Emma Roadshow Austin. 

To kick things off, we shared some of the findings from our 2017 Industry Report. These days, our bosses are telling us to do more – grow site traffic, increase leads, sell more, etc. – so marketing saturation is at an all-time high. At the same time, audience engagement is suffering as our audiences expect us to be more thoughtful with our approach. 
Key takeaways:
• Marketers are wrestling with conflicting priorities: audience expectations vs. internal goals.
• There’s still A LOT of bad email out there because it’s such an effective channel, but by not giving it the attention it deserves, brands are missing out on huge returns. 
• Engagement is the heart of successful marketing, not reach. To do the most effective marketing, you need to target the minimum viable audience and make the most with the resources you have.


Filling the Gaps: Creating Wildly Successful Campaigns with Limited Resources – Torchlite 

Attendees enjoying the rooftop venue at The Emma Roadshow Boston. 

Our friends from Torchlite discussed how marketers can develop an effective campaign plan, identify potential gaps in execution, find the help they need to fill those gaps, maximize their chances of success, and get buy-in from others.
Key takeaways:
• In today's fast-paced industry, there's no such thing as a linear path of execution.
• The biggest roadblocks aren’t about resources you don’t have, they’re gaps you didn’t plan for: people, campaigns, or technology. 
• When building a campaign, marketers should pay attention to one of four things: acquisition, conversion, retention, and advocacy (but you can't do all four at once). 
Winning the Inbox: 3 Steps to a Bulletproof Email Strategy – Emma 

Colby Cavagnaugh shares email marketing tips at The Emma Roadshow Chicago. 

Then, we shared how to build and scale an email marketing strategy that focuses on the customer first and how to create an exceptional inbox experience for every subscriber, even when email marketing isn’t your full-time job.
Key takeaways:
• You can create a better subscriber experience immediately with an eye toward thoughtful design. 
• Segment your audience based on what they need to know to be successful and see immediate value in your brand. 
• Automate whenever possible because it allows you to reach your audience at the moments that truly matter to them, at scale. 
Connecting the Dots: Marketing Your Customers (and Your Boss) Will Love – Sparkfly 

Attendees at The Emma Roadshow Denver's venue – Blue Moon Brewing Company. 

Sparkfly walked us through how you can connect your digital marketing to offline audience behavior to create a more unified and cohesive marketing program that will skyrocket results.
Key takeaways:
• Value is measured by revenue generation per invested marketing dollar.  Since there are many channels to communicate to customers, a proper measurement foundation is a key first step.
• Marketers increase conversion metrics through enhanced understanding of customer preferences.
• Journey data and transaction detail can  be used to define best investments for each customer based on how and what they buy.

Closing the Loop: Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience – ReviewTrackers 

Marketing doesn’t stop once someone becomes a customer. ReviewTrackers explained how listening to customer feedback and acting on it can turn one-time customers into loyal brand evangelists.
Key takeaways:
• The traditional concept of brand loyalty is dead(ish). According to Accenture, 77% of all consumers admitted they now re-track their loyalty more quickly than they did three years ago.
• Winning the moment-to-moment matters.
• How do you do that? Listen, take action, help people find you, amplify, and constantly iterate. 

There's more to come from The Emma Roadshow, so stay tuned to find out when we’ll be in a city near you! In the meantime, check out the content that inspired our discussions – The 2017 Email Marketing Industry Report.

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