Recap: Deliver a 5-star guest experience powered by email


Last week, we teamed up with our friends at Venga for a webinar all about delivering the best possible guest experience using email marketing. 

Michael Baker (Senior Account Executive at Emma) and Winston Lord (Co-founder of Venga) shone some light on how combining Venga's guest analytics with Emma’s email marketing platform can help you deliver the most effective experience, drive return guests, and increase average spend over time. 

Here's a quick recap of what we covered: 

Restaurants face unique marketing challenges

Today’s restaurant marketers find themselves caught in a balancing act. Their leadership teams constantly want to adopt every new technology that becomes available, enamored with the marketing channel du jour. At the same time, they have operated at razor-thin margins, maintain a strict budget, and prove steady growth. Given the circumstances, how can they possibly do their jobs effectively?

As a restaurant trying to get attention and drive customer loyalty, anything you can do to streamline your data and workflow is a plus. And the more you can learn about your guests, the better results you'll see. 

How to gather guest analytics using Venga 

Venga allows you to connect reservation data in a platform like OpenTable with point-of-sale data. By having those systems integrated, you're able to: 

• Provide a VIP experience for all diners by knowing more information about their spending and eating habits. 

• Keep guests engaged with surveys, personalized email marketing campaigns, and targeted offers.  

Using Venga in conjunction with Emma, you can... 

Seamlessly sync contacts across platforms. With our direct integration to OpenTable, email addresses that are collected can be synced into Emma on a nightly basis, consistently growing your audience. 

Easily create personalized and dynamic segments. In Venga, you can set up super specific criteria for segments, and they’ll be dynamically updated in Emma. 

Close the loop on engagement from emails. The integration between Venga and Emma allows restaurant marketers to see how email communications from Emma drive in-person visits and spend, allowing you to more accurately track the ROI from your efforts. 

Putting your data to use with email marketing 

Once you've gotten the data from Venga, how can you make the most of it in your email strategy?

• Never stop nurturing! First, build a connection with new subscribers using an automated welcome email, then continue with date-based birthday and anniversary messages so your guests feel recognized over time. 

• Use point-of-sale data to segment your emails and ensure the right subscribers get the right content. For instance, segment out only your big spenders for holidays you know you’ll be booked up, or use consumer habits (e.g. gluten-free diners or wine drinkers) to invite people to exclusive, targeted tasting events.

• Consider "suggestive selling" in your emails. Use your email campaigns to highlight exclusive or seasonal menu items that’ll up the check. Similarly, offer pairings that will accompany whatever foods they’re typically interested in, whether it’s an appetizer or a particular type of wine. 

Watch the full recording 

Miss it the first time around, or want to share it around with your team? Check out the recording of our recent webinar with Venga to learn more about how the integration can support your business.

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