Recap: UnPodcast marketing podcast records live from Emma HQ

It’s been quite a week at Emma HQ. 

We recently hosted our favorite marketing experts, Scott and Alison Stratten, in Nashville to record a live episode of the Unpodcast. You may remember these two from our Facebook Live last month, and being with them in person was even more fun and insightful. 

But because we couldn’t just save all of their advice for those at the live event, we’re here with a recap (and a link to the full podcast episode here!) for our out-of-town friends. Let’s get to it! 

Don’t forget, if you have questions of your own to ask Scott and Alison, tune in to next month’s Facebook Live!

This week: Understanding your marketing strengths, Youtube, and building authentic connections

On the ins and outs of podcasting

While Scott and Alison are absolute experts when it comes to talking about marketing, they’re also pretty great at executing it as well. Although their running joke is that the UnPodcast only has 7 listeners and any inappropriate or unrelated rant that Scott goes on cuts the number down to 6, it’s clear their following far exceeds this estimation. Scott and Alison note that they typically record 4 to 5 episodes at a time once a month, and their key to success is to, as they put it, “hire out every part of the show except the show.” This means they have someone set up the mics and edit the audio so all they have to worry about is talking.

What do you want to rant about today?

Scott Stratten is well-known for his off-topic rants and passionate tangents on the UnPodcast, so an audience member decided to tempt him with the question, “What do you want to rant about today?”, and it did not disappoint. He recounts a recent interaction with a company on Linked In, in which he exposed them for sending spam messages. As you can imagine, this gained social media momentum quickly and turned into what we’ll now refer to as “a teachable moment” for marketers everywhere.

What are your thoughts on Youtube in place of blogs?

Scott and Alison emphasize that Youtube is one of the biggest search engines available, and people search for answers on it more than anywhere else. That being said, although Youtube isn’t as “sexy” as Instagram right now, it’s the king and queen of long-form content. No matter what platform you’re posting on, you have to keep the context in mind. Youtube views are different than blog views, and vice versa. You have to determine which one is more valuable for your business and doable with your skill set and go for it.

In the world of trying to build authentic connections, what’s your advice for brands/influencers when they get negative feedback?

Scott and Alison’s first piece of advice is to look at the source of this feedback to see if it’s credible, and then ask yourself if it’s criticism you receive a lot. If the feedback is a common theme or it’s coming from a trusted source, you should listen to it and consider making a change. On the other hand, the best thing you can do to battle negative reviews is to build a steady stream of positive ones. They also mention something called the “service-recovery paradox,” which is when a company or person messes up, takes responsibility for it, makes it right, and looks even better than when the screw-up happened.

On email marketing

While you know we love nothing more than to specifically talk email marketing, Scott and Alison took it to a whole nother level in this episode of the UnPodcast. They make the point that email is the only reactive response marketing there is. In other words, when an email arrives in an inbox, a user must take some sort of action in reaction to it, whether it’s opening the message or sending it to the trash. Because of this, Scott and Alison note, the opportunity for relevance and consistency in email marketing is epic.

Quotable moments

On when to publish content

“We push so much recency and not enough relevancy, and that’s why our content dies. Relevancy is the forgotten art form of content. When you have something relevant to say to your subscribers, that’s the best time. That’s the best day. Day of the week and time of day are important, but they’re ranked 9th and 10th on the scale of importance.”-Scott Stratten

On starting a podcast

“The ownership builds loyalty. We see a lot of brands putting out podcasts with no real goal other than to put their name in front of people, and that’s no real goal—that’s advertising. Why do you want to have a podcast? A lot of people haven’t asked themselves why.”-Scott Stratten

On trying a new form of content

“If you’re comfortable going with the flow and you’re prepared, it can be really great. 
Sometimes it’s about managing expectations. Know what makes you comfortable and know what your strengths are.”-Alison Stratten

On the difference between podcasting and giving a keynote

“Podcasting is a very intimate medium—it’s literally in your ears while you’re working out, etc. 
It’s even more intimate than doing a live talk and you can’t violate that.”-Scott Stratten

On outdated marketing techniques

“There’s no marketing technique that’s dead. When somebody says a technique is dead, they’re usually selling the alternative.”-Scott Stratten

Show notes

More about Scott and Alison: Scott and Alison Stratten are co-authors of 5 best-selling business books, co-owners of UnMarketing Inc and co-hosts of The UnPodcast. Experts on the changing world of business and marketing through entrepreneurship, you can connect with them at

Wrap up

This is where we usually tie our blog posts up with a nice conclusive bow, but when we’ve got so many experts around, we’ve got to keep the conversation going. Tell us—what did you learn from Scott and Alison? And make sure to like us on Facebook to make sure you join us for next month’s live stream! We’ll see you then.

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