The best email campaigns of the 2017 eclipse


There's nothing like a major celestial event to bring out some eye-catching email campaigns.

Sure, it'll be a while before another solar eclipse is visible in the United States. But that doesn't mean that you can't gather a key marketing lesson from this historic occasion. These email examples showcase the power of timeliness and using trending topics to capture attention in the inbox. 

Check 'em out and enjoy – we promise they're totality great! 


1. Homage

This black-and-white design from apparel brand Homage immediately caught my eye. I love that they let the hero image – their special edition eclipse t-shirt – do the talking and kept things focused on a single CTA.


2. Regal Cinemas

I don't even care how unbelievably cheesy (no pun intended) this email is, nor do I care that the headline doesn't make a ton of sense. That pizza GIF is absolutely amazing. 



3. Jeni's

We're huge fans of Jeni's for both their ice cream and their emails, and their eclipse campaign didn't disappoint. They kept it simple, but with tasty imagery and a solid deal to promote, what more do you really need?


4. J. Crew

Another eclipse email, another top-notch GIF.

Maybe it's just the excitement of the day, but despite the fact that so many brands took the GIF route, we still didn't grow tired of them.  Plus, J. Crew gets bonus points for fun, on-theme CTA language. 



5. Takl

Takl is a brand that provides on-demand home services, and I love that they tied their eclipse promotion to their actual offerings. It just goes to show that with some creative framing, you can utilize events like this in ways that go beyond your email design. 



6. Nike

Nike almost always sends sleek, minimalist emails, but this black-on-black design was next-level. Their decision to go subtle on their eclipse promo was a smart way to stand out since so many brands opted for flashy GIFs and bright imagery. 


Bonus: Best subject line + preheader combo... 

We saw a ton eclipse-themed subject lines, but The Hustle easily had the best. 

Subject line – How does the moon cut his hair?
Preheader text – Eclipse It. 




Receive any other great eclipse emails? We'd love to see them, so share away in the comments! 

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