Stitching together a seamless email marketing strategy


Ruffles, buttons, and lace – oh my! Whether you’re a master seamstress or just have a passion for fabulous frocks, Children’s Corner Store has everything you need to create shining ensembles. The brand is best known for their extensive offering of supplies and patterns, but for those looking to learn new techniques, they also offer a full schedule of in-depth sewing classes.

“While we delight in helping our customers sew for their children and grandchildren,” co-owner Emily Douglas said, “our shelves are also lined with luxury fabrics like Liberty of London and other fine cottons that are perfect for any project!"



Marketing a classic brand to a modern audience

Though they're relatively new to email marketing, Emily and Karen already consider it a vital part of taking their classic brand and making it more accessible to their customers.

"Children’s Corner Store has actually been around since the late 70s,” Emily explained. "Karen and I had been customers for years, so two and a half years ago we jumped in and purchased the retail side of the business. We’re in a unique position when it comes to our customer base – as we embarked on managing this business, we found that we had both new customers as well as customers that had been loyal to the brand for decades. A huge part of our marketing is finding ways to reach both groups effectively, and email has been a great way to do that.”


Monitoring their email analytics has really helped the ladies ensure that their emails are as relevant and engaging as possible.

“Emma’s analytics are very intuitive. Just seeing the hot spots where people are clicking has really helped us figure out more about our audience. We have such a variety of customers out there in terms of demographics and interests, so it helps us determine what’s working and what people are most interested in.”



Seeing concrete results with smart integrations

Emily and Karen use Emma’s Shopify integration to connect their email marketing with their online shopping cart. It helps them track the purchases that result from each email and identify which of their subscribers have been buying a lot.



“The integration is so straightforward and works well. We’re excited to start segmenting our population and sending emails based on their buying behavior – thank you emails for our most loyal customers and special offers for those we haven’t heard from in a while. It’s really helped us find out more about our customers and start sending them emails we know they’ll love, because we have the data to back it up!”

And by combining the Shopify integration with what they’ve learned about their audience from response metrics, they’re seeing major improvements with every send. Here’s a look at their results from recent mailings:

Mailing 1: 1 conversion at $37

Mailing 2: 4 conversions at $183

Mailing 3: 3 conversions at $195

Mailing 4: 8 conversions at $415

Mailing 5: 17 conversions at $1,286

Cool, huh? After sending each new email, Emily and Karen are able to see exactly how many purchases were made as a result of that message – plus they get concrete evidence that their email marketing is paying off!



The takeaways:

1. Know your audience. By learning more about their subscribers, Emily and Karen have been able to make their emails as relevant and effective as possible.

2. Keep an eye on your analytics. Our click map show you exactly what’s been capturing your audience’s attention – data that will help you adjust your email strategy and set your next mailing up for success!

3. Use integrations to amp up your email strategy. By taking advantage of our Shopify integration, Children’s Corner Store has been able to see the concrete results their emails have been producing.


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