Staffer Q&A with Director of Client Success Cliff Corr

Cliff Corr Staffer Interview

In our series, Staffer Q&A, we sit down with members of our crew, interview-style, to find out the "who" behind Emma, get a sneak peek into new features and integrations they're working on, and, of course, what they do when they're not at work.

Tell us a little about yourself, Cliff. What do you do at Emma?

Sure thing! I’m Director of Client Success here at Emma. I head up our Success Management team to ensure our clients are not only having a quality experience with our product, but also seeing email success along the way. The spot I’m in really allows me to understand what customers need to grow and work across product, marketing, sales and our other customer-facing teams to bring those needs to life.

Cliff gives us the inside scoop on why advanced automation could be the secret to your success

Ok, and when you’re not at Emma?

When I’m not at Emma, you can find me doing a number of things. My wife and I have been in Nashville for almost 10 years and it really has become home. A lot of weekends, you might find us hanging out with friends or taking our only-child-dog, Henry Wiggles to the park.

Outside of that, I’m cheering on the my alma mater during football season (GO DAWGS!), writing and performing music, and meticulously managing my fantasy football team.

What project are you currently working on?

One of my team’s most important projects is our Success Management Program. Really an evergreen one. We launched it earlier this year and have continued to optimize how we get closer to our customers and bring value. Since it continues to be refined and customized to help our customers do their best marketing, the Success Management Program is always evolving. The way I see it, in the way that email trends change, we need to roll with those changes, too. It’s been a lot of fun to put the program out there, learn more from our customers and tailor the program to meet the customer where they are.

It may sound nerdy, but this work actually makes me giddy. Can I say giddy?

Ha, yes. This is a giddy-safe zone. Read any good books lately?

I went to the Totango User Conference earlier this year where I heard Guy Nirpaz, CEO and cofounder of Totango, speak about his new book Farm Don’t Hunt: The Definitive Guide to Customer Success. I picked up a couple copies at the conference — one for myself and another for one of my teammates. Guy’s book has given me lots of ideas for our own work and it continues to be a checkback when I’m in need of some inspiration.

We’ve even talked about doing a book club on it.

Our readers are dying to know: What’s your spirit animal? Why?

Honestly, I have to say it’s my co-pilot, Henry Wiggles. He’s cool, calm and confident. Friendly and trustworthy. Loves his people. It might be that I’m a bit biased, but he’s my guy.


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