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March 2021 product updates

Automate your data imports through SFTP 

If you have multiple systems housing customer data, you know how difficult it can be to keep your contact information in sync. Manually importing your contact files requires extra time and increases the risk of error. Now you can take control of your SFTP sync and manage how Emma keeps your contacts up to date, regardless of your source system. 

Instead of waiting for a technician to make changes, this update allows you to manage your data sync settings directly inside your Connect dashboard.

Once you set up Connect SFTP through our step-by-step wizard guide, you can control your data syncs directly from within Emma by setting a specific syncing time each day, or by clicking on the “Sync Now” button whenever you’re in the app.

This paid service is available to our Plus & HQ customers. Contact our professional services team to find out more.

So why SFTP? 

Simply put SFTP is a tool that allows you to securely transfer data between organizations. It can increase the speed and efficiency of business processes by allowing you to transfer large files in one go (all of your contacts, for example). 

It also reduces the risk of data exchanges through encryption, data integrity/authenticity checks, and host authentication. That means you can securely update your contacts inside Emma, regardless of your internal system (and do so automatically), saving precious time on manual updates.

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Template search bar

We have added a new search bar on the template gallery page making your email building process that much easier. We hope the search bar gives you a bit more time back in your day!

Are you interested in learning more about what Emma can do for you? Ping an expert today to create an individualized plan.

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