Sell out your next event—and sell it out fast—with our new Eventbrite integration

Chelsea Castle

Calling all event marketers and Eventbrite users: our updated integration is about to make your life a whole lot easier—and better. 

We understand that working in the event or music industry means you wear a lot of hats. You should be able to spend more time building events, and less time building emails. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our newly upgraded integration with Eventbrite

This update gives event planners, venue groups and promoters the most effective way to drive ticket sales, track and report on the revenue generated, and re-engage with customers through marketing’s highest-performing channel: email. 

For many marketers already using email or Eventbrite, you’ll now have the tools to completely customize your emails per send, sync contacts, map audiences with historical data, target by segments, and track sales and revenue. 

Let’s take a look at what the new features look like: 

Quickly sync contacts from Eventbrite and seamlessly maintain your attendee data.

Your Eventbrite contacts are synced directly into Emma so ticket purchasers from other channels are plugged right into your email marketing program. For Emma users, you'll simply go to Audience and then Connect, to fully integrate with Eventbrite. You can then map multiple organizations to your Emma audience (if you have various venues, festivals, departments, etc.) through subscriptions.

Think of subscriptions as a super flexible list that allows you to segment while giving your subscribers the option to fine tune what emails they're receiving from you. Once this step is complete, Emma will automatically pull 18 months of historical data from Eventbrite for you to leverage in all future sends.

Target, segment, and re-engage fans who haven’t bought yet.

Easily identify and segment the fans who didn’t open or click to build a re-engagement campaign that’ll entice them to purchase at the right time. Using your historical data, you’ll be able to use our user-friendly segmentation tool to send trigger-based emails, allowing you to target and re-engage based on purchase history, amount spent, and more.

Our friends at Empty Bottle, a music venue in Chicago, IL., have already found this feature to be useful. 

"The Emma and Eventbrite integration has given us a better understanding of our customers, as well as a better way to send them what they want," said Shannon Shreibak, Promotions Manager for Empty Bottle. 

Add and edit event details from Eventbrite directly into your email.

Using Emma’s drag-and-drop email builder and the built-in Events content block, your event details populate directly within your mailing with a call-to-action to buy tickets or RSVP. (Or whatever you want, it’s fully customizable.) And if you’re promoting multiple events, you can include them all in a list view in your mailing. All aspects of the content block are editable, from the font style or color to links and the images that appear. 

Track ticket sales and revenue from each send.

Emma’s real-time analytics let you easily see how your ticket sales are performing as a result of your email campaigns. Track and report on the total number of tickets your mailing sold and overall engagement, plus total tickets sold overall and available tickets remaining.

Wrap up 

Ready to start spending less time building emails, and more time building events? The integration is available for all Emma Pro, Plus, and HQ customers. Check out our video that walks you through the integration if you'd like a deeper look!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our Support team. And if you’re not a current Emma customer and would like a demo, let’s talk!

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