[Podcast] Behind the Glasses: Jay Acunzo

McKenzie Gregory


Jay Acunzo talks intuition, context, and originality in marketing 

Welcome to our "Behind the Glasses" podcast, which features one-on-one interviews with some of the best minds in marketing.


That's Jay!

Joining us for this episode is one of our Marketing United 2018 keynote speakers, Jay Acunzo.

He's a veteran digital marketer, dynamic speaker, and award-winning host of his own podcast, "Unthinkable." In it, Jay explores examples of work that seem crazy – that is, until you hear their side of the story. Listen to this, and you'll discover why we're so excited to see him onstage in April.




Calling any channel "dead" or "in" with absolute certainty is ridiculous, says Jay. They're all just options. Who are you trying to reach? What are you using it for? 

One of Jay's core beliefs is that marketers should trust their intuition rather than being beholden to "best practices." What is his advice for marketers who are stuck in a rut or facing internal pressure to stick to the same thing they've always done?

Marketers should be investigators, not experts. 

Your context is yourself and your team, your audience, and the resources you have to connect the two. 

What's the ideal ratio of data to intuition?

Jay shares an example of moving beyond data to insight. 

What questions should marketers ask themselves before they launch a new project? 

The details of your context put pressure on all the information out there so that you can effectively vet it. To whittle down your options, ask: "What is my aspirational anchor?"

We've been sold a lie about doing work: We were told that success is built on expertise, when actually it's built on self-awareness. 

One of Jay's favorite sources of inspiration or, as he calls it, "extraction" – Anthony Bourdain and "Parts Unknown," for pulling out meaningful stories from people in their day-to-day lives. 

B2B content is nutritious... but not delicious. Let's do better. 


Can't get enough of Jay Acunzo? Join us at Marketing United 2018 to see him live! 








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