Our retail integrations turn your first-time buyers into loyal customers

As marketers, we understand how hard it is to stand out among your competitors in the inbox. Your emails are sitting next to the largest brands in the world, so it’s important to capture your customers’ attention, but even more importantly, make it easy for them to click that buy button again and again. 

The best way to do that? Use your customers’ purchase behavior to effectively target and deliver personalized messages that will drive more sales. 

Our new retail integrations with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and Volusion help you do just that.

View both purchase activity and ROI driven from email marketing efforts with our retail integrations.



Keep your data in sync
Your customer purchase and order data is automatically synced to Emma, creating retail-focused segments that let you send your customers more targeted email marketing and drive more sales. 

Put your customer data to work
Segment using your customer data from your ecommerce platform — like purchased items, product categories, amount spent, and order history — to deliver more relevant and personalized campaigns.

Drive higher conversions from day one
Our pre-built retail segments take the guesswork out of using your ecommerce data so that you can get start targeting and selling right away.

Look beyond opens and clicks
See real purchase activity and ROI driven from your customers clicking links in your mailings to truly measure the impact of your email marketing.

The retail integrations are available today for all Emma Pro, Plus and Enterprise account types.

Not a current customer? Get a demo of an Emma account today!

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