Our favorite marketing tools that make a difference for franchises

Are you trying to streamline your franchise marketing operations?

Perhaps you're feeling a little overwhelmed with running your business and looking for ways to make your email marketing more efficient? 

Need some help finding the best email marketing tools for your franchise? 

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For any of those questions and more, we’ve got you covered. 

In this post, we’re going to cover the value of marketing tools in your franchise and how to effectively use them to your advantage. 

Keep reading to find out more about our favorite marketing tools for franchises and how they can help your franchise. 

The value of marketing tools in your franchise

Marketing is a critical part of any business and email marketing, for example, is as crucial today as it was five years ago. People still check their email on a daily basis, and many people use their email to filter the best deals and offers for them.

Marketing offers are worth a lot. A good marketing offer will drive customers to your store on more than one occasion, and it will encourage them to spread the word about your deals to their friends and family. 

Even if you aren’t offering any special promotions, staying top-of-mind is important to keep your subscribers interested in your services. Send out “touch” emails every now and then to stay fresh in their minds.

Be cautious that you don’t send too many emails, though: you don’t want to trigger spam filters or have your domain blacklisted.

Other marketing efforts should be aimed at videos, building your referral base, and analyzing your reports for important insights into your marketing program.

6 of our favorite marketing tools for franchises

We know a thing or two about marketing (it’s what we do), and we wanted to share the wealth. So, we put together a list of six tools in our marketing tool belt that will benefit franchisees. Keep reading to see how you can these tools to craft the perfect marketing strategy.

1. Email marketing 

Email marketing tools are an age-old set of strategies that any franchise should have in their toolbox.

They’re like that set of screwdrivers you use all of the time. 

Email list segmentation is one of the best email marketing tools you can use to increase your open and click-through rates. You can easily target people in different groups that you set up based on A/B testing.

You may ask your email subscribers a few questions before you have them sign up for your list like their name and zip code. Let those questions help you segment your list appropriately and effectively.

Another alternative is to set up a preference center. This is an easy way to collect more detailed information and further segment your list by things like interests and time of day to contact. 

Email automation is a secret weapon in your toolkit. It helps track your timing, frequency, and list segments, and a good email automation campaign will even work with social media channels.

Email automation is a secret weapon in your toolkit. It helps track your timing, frequency, and list segments, and a good email automation campaign will even work with social media channels.

Source: Really Good Emails

2. Video marketing 

Video marketing is one of the most powerful tools to build deeper relationships with your customers. E-commerce retailers have seen product purchases increase in their online stores by 144% when videos are used.

Even without an online store, a landing page with a video can increase conversions by 80%, with 64% of respondents saying they are “likely to buy a product online.”

Pay attention to some key video best practices: don’t turn on autoplay, and keep videos short and informational. 

If you’re not keen on using video in your emails or on landing pages (though, we highly recommend it), try using GIFs – they are short animations that are on-trend and relevant. People like them and respond well to them.

Pro tip: Put videos in your emails and combine the two marketing platforms. 

3. Analytics and reports 

Here's why data should be one of your favorite tools: analytics and reports are your keys to figuring out what your next marketing step should be.

Run an email campaign but didn’t get great results? Try running an ad campaign through social media and see what your reports say. 

Don’t like the results you got from that test? Try adding video and then analyze what your reports state about that change.

This is A/B testing and it drives your marketing success.

4. Multichannel campaigns 

Multichannel campaign functionality is a prime example of something a great email system should have.

Being able to effectively share your posts to social media on your schedule is a lucrative benefit to having a marketing automation system. 

Social media is here to stay and being able to cross-campaign between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and your email is a huge timesaver and keeps your brand relevant.

Haven’t decided if your franchise should be on social media? Americans spend more than 5 hours a day on the internet, and a lot of that time is on social media. Don’t lose out on advertising opportunities. 

5. Referrals 

Referrals are an awesome tool for marketing. They’re almost like a promotional offer and a testimonial rolled into one.

Make sure that when you send out referral emails, or you sell something through a referral, that you have a way to track the referrals back to that channel. You don’t want to lose out on any valuable sales metrics.

If you are working off of word of mouth, find a way for customers to take advantage of any referral offers you may have. This will encourage continued referral success. 

Don’t balk at word-of-mouth referrals, either – it can seem like a quaint idea in today’s fast-paced world, but that’s how you build your brand’s reputation.

6. Promotional offers 

Discounts, promo codes, coupons, free gifts, and more are marketing tools your franchise can always utilize to harness more engagement. 

While discounts and coupons do eat into your profits, it doesn’t cost much to offer those savings up to customers to get them into your store. 

As a franchisee, you can send out email marketing campaigns offering discounts at any of your locations or just one of your locations, if you’ve segmented your email list, that is.

As a franchisee, you can send out email marketing campaigns offering discounts at any of your locations or just one of your locations, if you’ve segmented your email list, that is.

Source: Campaign Monitor

If email marketing isn’t your thing, you can always run ads through your social media channels. If you’ve got multichannel campaigns set up, this will be a breeze.

How to effectively use marketing tools for your franchise 

Using these tools effectively is as much art as it is science. You’ll have to do some testing and comparison to see which ones yield the most success. 

Here are some examples of how you can use these marketing tools to your franchise’s success:

  • Promotional offers: Have a routinely slow day each week? Use that day to start targeting an email campaign with a promotional offer. That can help boost business on a slow day. Try a few different offers to see which one prompts the best response. Alternatively, run an ad on social media for your slow days of the week.

  • Referrals: As we said about these being a testimonial and promo all in one, referrals are an excellent way to boost business to your franchise. Use your network to gain word-of-mouth referrals, too.

  • Multichannel campaigns: Using social media to spread the word about your business is a smart tactic. People check their social media profiles dozens of times a day, so make a big impact on those platforms. Try doing giveaways through Instagram or Twitter.

  • Analytics and reports:  Use your reports to identify weaknesses in your marketing strategy and see how you can use the data to improve your referrals, multichannel campaigns, and email marketing. You may even be able to improve on your videos and promotional offers using your reports.

  • Video marketing: Insert videos into landing pages, product pages, or email campaigns. Try adding videos to your social media posts, as well. Don’t be afraid to create too many videos, either. You’ll only produce better ones as a result of any mishaps or failures.

  • Email marketing: The best for last, you want to segment your list in the most practical manner for getting higher open rates and click-through rates. Start with geography, then expand from there to see what works best for your audience.  Automate your workflow to improve your engagement without having to lift a finger.

Effectively using these tools for your marketing campaigns is a great way to boost your marketing performance. Each of these tools provides benefits in their own rights but using them all together creates the ultimate marketing tools compendium for franchises.

Wrap up

Without overdoing it, here’s a quick recap of what we covered and how it can impact your franchise operations:

  • Use a cross-promotional strategy to deliver your customers touchpoints on their preferred platforms

  • Deliver personalized, relevant content to match your customer’s needs

  • Offer incentives to increase your digital and foot traffic

  • Measure your results constantly

There you go: the shortlist of reliable tools that franchises should use for maximum marketing success. Use as many or as few of these as you like and see success over time. Some will result in faster results, whereas others take some time to take hold.

A promo code is an instant determiner of success, but referrals take some time to build up.

Want to know more about email marketing tools? Reach out to Emma today to find out how we can improve your franchise marketing strategy.

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