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April 21, 2017 Miles Price

Landing pages are a key part of any multi-channel marketing strategy. But creating a new landing page and adding it to your website requires something a lot of marketers don’t have: time. You often have to work with multiple teams to get it done, which can be difficult and sometimes even bureaucratic.

But what if there was a way to create beautiful and effective landing pages anytime you needed one?

Introducing Landing Pages!

Build and publish landing pages right from your Emma account.

Our brand-new Landing Page builder lets you create gorgeous click-through landing pages as easily as you make an email with our drag-and-drop editor.

No developer required
We know the time and effort required to work with a separate web development team to add a landing page to your site. That’s why our landing pages are self-publishing — simply build your landing page, hit “publish,” and you’ve got a shareable link perfect for accepting traffic from all of your channels.

The Landing Page builder is powered by Emma’s drag-and-drop editor.

Unique URL
Need to make a change after you’ve published your landing page? No problem! Unlike email campaigns, you can update content in your landing pages, republish, and the landing page’s unique URL stays the same.


  • Use Emma’s drag-and-drop editor to create your landing page
  • Customizable page title for SEO optimization
  • Each landing page gets a unique URL
  • Track link clicks with Google Analytics integration

The Landing Page builder is available today for all Emma Plus and Enterprise account types.

Not a current customer? Get a demo of an Emma account today!


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Miles  Price

Miles is a product marketing manager on Emma’s marketing team, and—most of the time—uses em dashes whenever applicable. Other interests include photography, loud and fuzzed-out guitars, and that clean feeling you get when writing in a brand new notebook.

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