New features: Mailing rescheduling, new customer profiles and more!


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Reschedule mailings from the Marketing Calendar

You asked, we listened! You can now reschedule a scheduled mailing! This new functionality — available right from the Marketing Calendar — makes it easy to change the send time for a scheduled mailing without going through the process of canceling the mailing from the “Campaigns” section and scheduling it anew.


New and improved customer profiles

Customer profiles have a fresh new look! You can update them quicker, and we’ve made some tweaks so they load super fast. Plus, we’ve added new information about each subscriber, including open rates and click rates for each individual.


Mobile-friendly signup forms

Good news, friends. All “classic” signup forms are now mobile-responsive. That means your signup forms will look amazing and be easier to use on mobile devices like phones and smaller tablets. And this update applies to all previously created signup forms, so you don’t have to do anything to see the changes!


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New features: Landing Pages get signup forms, a more powerful Calendar, and more!
New features: Landing Pages get signup forms, a more powerful Calendar, and more!

Add forms to your Landing Pages, edit send details directly from the calendar, & easily retrieve versions.

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