Metric for Android is here!

Android is a big deal. In fact, the latest research shows it holding a whopping 81% market share worldwide in 2014. And while we may not know exactly how many of you pledge your allegiance to the little green robot, we do know it's a significant number.

When many of you asked for an Android version of Metric, our email results app, we knew we had to make it happen. So, we’re most excited to say: Android users, the wait is over! Emma's Metric app is now available in the Google Play store!

The Android version of Metric has all the same great features as its iOS companion, such as showing opens of your emails by device and client, a visual click map of where your audience has clicked in your mailing, and of course your very own Mailing Score, which is a metric (see what we did there?) that wraps all the important data points of an email campaign into one, easy-to-understand number. What easier way to gauge the success of your email at a glance when you’re on the go?

Metric lets you check, or if you're like us, obsess over, your email results anywhere, anytime.


We know many of you have been been anxious to get your hands on an Android version of Metric, and we’ve been just as excited to get it launched. So grab your Jelly Beans, your KitKats, and yes, even your Lollipops and download it in the Google Play store today!

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