Introducing our new Shopify integration

Last week, we launched a new suite of ecommerce integrations for Emma that let you use customer data to not only get shoppers’ attention, but also encourage them to buy from you over and over again.

Today, we’re excited to pull back the curtain on our new integration with Shopify — one of the largest ecommerce platforms in the game — to show you how you can use your own customers’ purchase behavior to power the most effective email campaigns and drive more sales.

To get started, head to to connect your Shopify store to your Emma account.

Once your store is connected to Emma, your customer data is immediately put to work. You can now use Shopify’s data points like purchased items, product categories, amount spent, and order history to create hyper-targeted segments that drive your retail campaigns. You’ll also notice we’ve included 6 pre-built retail segments you can use right away:

  • Average purchase greater than $50
  • Cumulative purchases greater than $50
  • Have more than one total order
  • Purchased in last 30 days
  • Purchased in last year
  • Subscribed but not purchased


See your customers’ purchase and order data with the new Purchase History tab on their contact record

And when you’ve delivered your campaigns, you can view the purchase activity and ROI to truly measure the impact of your email marketing. On each mailing’s Response page, you’ll see a new Shopify section with Revenue, Conversion, and Conversion Rate fields based on your customers clicking links in those mailings and making purchases.


View both purchase activity and ROI from email marketing efforts with our Shopify integration.



  • Automatic sync between Shopify and Emma
  • Segment based on retail-based customer data like products and categories, amount spent, and number of orders
  • Pre-built retail segments let you begin targeting right away
  • Trigger automated email workflows based on purchase-related events
  • Track purchase activity and ROI from link clicks in your mailings

Emma’s Shopify integration is available today for all Emma Pro, Plus and Enterprise account types. Connect your Shopify store to Emma to get started.

Not a current customer? Get a demo of an Emma account today!


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