Introducing our new marketing calendar: every marketer’s must-have


Whether you’re a marketing team of one or many, there’s one tool all marketers use: a calendar. They’re at the center of everything we do, helping us plan, track, communicate, and remember to have coffee with that job applicant as a favor to a friend even though you’re insanely busy.

That’s why we’re adding a new marketing calendar to Emma, giving you increased visibility into your email schedule, making it easier for your team to work together, and helping you adjust your marketing strategy on the fly.


  • Quickly view sent and scheduled mailings (including A/B content tests)
  • Access the response results for previously sent mailings
  • Easily cancel scheduled mailings

Ready to get started?

The marketing calendar is included for Emma Pro, Plus, and Enterprise account packages, and you can find it in the Home section of your Emma account. If you don't see the new marketing calendar in your account, just get in touch with us below and we'll get you set up!

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Miles  Price

Miles Price is a Product Marketing Manager at Campaign Monitor.

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