Introducing our new integration with restaurant marketing platform, Venga

What makes email marketing so successful for restaurants? If you’re communicating with potential customers, email triggers their vicarious experience: You show them gorgeous images of your food, highlight a weekly deal, and readers can actually picture themselves at a table in your restaurant. For returning customers, your emails strengthen their loyalty with stories about your brand and beginnings. You can even share profiles of chefs and waiters, so your customers have a feeling of getting to know them on a personal level.

Venga is a restaurant marketing platform that uses restaurant business intelligence, guest data, and analytics to enhance the way restaurant owners and their partners increase engagement with their guests.

Today, we’re excited to bring Emma’s powerful marketing tools to Venga customers, helping you use email to attract new customers and turn them into regulars.


  • Sync OpenTable email contacts with your Emma account
  • Sync custom Venga guest segments (e.g. champagne drinkers, steak eaters, VIPs, frequent guests) to Emma
  • Emma audience groups are automatically updated with new guests that fit your set criteria
  • Measure the ROI from Emma campaigns including the number of reservations, covers, total spend, and cover average of the guests who visited after receiving your email
  • Track the emails guests have received in their Venga dashboard profile and on your Venga pre-shift reports

Want to learn more? Join us for a webinar with Venga on January 25, 2017 where we’ll talk about best practices for using smart data and email and dig deeper into Venga + Emma’s capabilities. Register here.

Ready to give it a try? Our integration with Venga is free and available for all Emma customers.

Not a current customer? Request a tour today.

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