How Vans Warped Tour uses email to connect with fans

McKenzie Gregory


A smart email strategy from America's longest-running music tour 

Vans Warped Tour is a traveling rock festival that has toured the United States every summer since 1995, making it the longest-running music tour in North America.

“It’s more than a festival, more than a music event,” said Steph Mirsky, Director of Marketing & Digital Strategy at 4FINI, the agency that manages marketing for Vans Warped Tour. “It’s really a lifestyle brand that focuses on music, nonprofits, and education. If the kids can come out, have fun, and learn something while they’re here, then we’ve done something right.”


Using email to keep connected

“Since our brand is built around events, we’re always pushing ticket sales,” Steph said. “A big part of our email program revolves around generating buzz about our big launches: announcing pre-sales, the lineup, merchandise being available, our app being available, etc.”


A lineup announcement email from Vans Warped Tour

But alongside those big announcements, their team capitalizes on content that helps foster a larger sense of community among Warped Tour fans.

“We try to find organic ways to connect them with one another and with our sponsors. Maybe it’s a reminder to sign up for the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands, or an interactive giveaway contest. We always want those interactions – especially with our paid sponsors – to feel like an organic part of the Warped Tour experience, and we want to keep connecting before and after the tour hits their city.”


The Emma features that make it possible

Steph was quick to point out several Emma features that have been crucial to their marketing success.

Email Scheduling

“During festival season, I get completely swamped,” Steph said. “Because of that, I love the ability to schedule our emails months ahead of time. When the actual time to send rolls around, I get an email notification that it’s sending so I don’t forget about it.”


“Vans Warped Tour isn’t just a weekend event like Coachella – we do 41 shows. So a week out from each show, we’ll segment our audience and do a geo-targeted email specific to that area to drive last-minute attendance.”


With just this email, they were able to get zip code data from over 1,000 subscribers and send more targeted messaging! 


Design Services

Steph also worked one-on-one with Emma Email Designer Meghan Sokolnicki to create custom email templates for Vans Warped Tour. 

“The custom templates you guys built for us are amazing, and it’s a huge asset to have something that’s so cohesive with the rest of our brand. It helps connect fans’ experience in the inbox to our website, to the actual event, and beyond.”



We couldn’t be more impressed by the great work Steph is doing for Vans Warped Tour in the inbox!

To sign up for their email list, visit their website.

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