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Club Training is a UK-based recruitment company that offers opportunities for qualified Personal Trainers as well as Personal Training courses for those looking to get into the field.

“Everything we do revolves heavily around the various stages an applicant might go through during the hiring process, whether they’re taking one of our qualification courses, scheduling an interview, or actively working at one of our health clubs” said Nick Lawrence, Marketing Director at Club Training.

Since the scope of their work covers the full applicant lifecycle, their marketing team has to find ways to maintain a clear and consistent line of communication with their email audience every step of the way.


A ton of applicant data… and no way to connect it

Club Training regularly deploys email messaging based on an applicant’s current status: unqualified, qualified, pending interview, new recruit, etc. Thanks to our integration with LeadPages, when someone applies directly through the Club Training website, that field-based information flows seamlessly into their Emma account.

However, a significant portion of their applications come through third-party websites and job boards that don’t allow for integration. That gap hinders their ability to transfer applicant data effectively between systems.

“In those situations, we just receive an automated email from the third party with the person’s CV, and it’s up to us to make use of that data,” Nick said.


Bridging the gap with field-change triggers

Nick turned to Emma’s product team for a solution.

“Club Training's system for capturing subscriber data didn’t have an integration point where they could effectively sync it to Emma,” said Senior Product Manager Cody De Vos. “So they needed us to develop a feature that would allow them to power sophisticated lifecycle automation in a different way.”

Enter field-change triggers, which introduce the ability to automate from recurring imports. How does it work, exactly?

“We have a team of Support Managers each assigned to particular demographics in our audience,” Nick said. "Before, if we ever changed an audience’s Support Manager – suppose they left the company, or they got reassigned – we would have to upload the list of all of their contacts, create a new group, then manually send them an email notifying them of the change."

"Now, whenever this happens, Emma takes care of it for us. When we do our daily imports, Emma takes note of that field change and fires off an automated, personalized email notification updating those audience members. I don’t have to even touch it anymore, which has been a huge time-saver.”

It helps their team send the right messaging to the right people at each stage of the applicant lifecycle … all with way less manual effort on their part.


Try it for yourself

We’re always looking to evolve our product to help marketers do their best work. And now, with field-change triggers from import, even marketers using platforms that can’t sync directly with Emma can power sophisticated lifecycle campaigns for every step of the subscriber journey.

Not an Emma customer? If you’d like to take this new feature for a test drive, get in touch!

Already an Emma customer? When creating a new automated workflow, you’ll find the “field change” option under “Choose a trigger type.” To trigger field change workflows from import, just check the box on the import process. You can visit our Resource Center for more information.

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