How to marry your email marketing and fitness scheduling software

Email marketing is a vital piece of your fitness business, that much you know. 

However, if you don’t have a quick and easy way for clients to sign up for classes and events, then they may be less encouraged to take advantage of all you have to offer. This is why marrying your email marketing and fitness scheduling software is vital. 

Marrying your fitness scheduling software and email marketing efforts

As a business owner, you understand the customer’s need for simplicity. When it comes to your fitness scheduling software, you should choose one that’s easy to use across multiple channels. This helps with ease-of-use and builds a trusting relationship with your clients. 

And on the topic of trust: When it comes to scheduling appointments and managing payments, 70% of customers state they would only deal with sources they knew they could rely on.

Peloton is a fitness scheduling software

Source: Really Good Emails

Being able to simply click on a “schedule now” or “find a class” button in an email not only simplifies the process for your clients, but it helps them commit with little chance to back out before the scheduling process is complete.

The idea behind marrying your email marketing campaigns with your fitness scheduling software is to streamline the conversion process. The fewer actions your subscriber takes in the scheduling process, the better. This is how your process should look:

process for scheduling a fitness class

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This simplified process takes away any and all distractions that may encourage your subscriber to abandon the scheduling process (which leaves you with no conversion - not good). The more links your reader has to click on - with instructions to follow - the more they get the impression that the brand hasn’t figured out how to make their processes user-friendly.

That said, cut through the nonsense and pull your processes together by merging your email marketing efforts with your fitness scheduling software. Your clients will appreciate it, and you’ll benefit in several ways:

  • Being able to collect valuable customer data 

  • Using the data to personalize email campaigns further

  • Targeting specific users through more detailed segmentation

Now, the key to marrying these two vital pieces of software is to either find programs that work together, or one package that includes it all. While the single package idea may seem inviting, it can often be a costly investment - one that many smaller fitness brands can’t afford right away. 

Instead, if you’re trying to spare your budget, choose an email marketing software that includes scheduling integrations - these are often free for those who choose an email marketing brand. Why? Because these companies form a partnership that allow them to work together. 

Fitness scheduling software integrations worth investigating

Finding an integration that works for your small business can be intimidating. Countless options on the market promise to provide you with all you need to streamline your day-to-day processes. How do you pick the right one for you?

We have the answer: It’s as simple as seeing what your email marketing software provider offers in the way of scheduling software integrations. Here at Emma, for example, we work with several different brands to bring a variety of options to our customers. While we have various integrations that work with our software, we also are compatible with several third-party software providers to help you create a system that works best for your brand. 

That said, here are five integrations that Emma customers can take advantage of. 


The MINDBODY integration is an excellent option for viewing a class schedule, booking a class, and making a payment. The streamlined process is handy for not only encouraging your clients to book a class, but for running your daily processes as well. 

mindbody software

Source: MINDBODY Online

The MINDBODY integration with our software allows you to sync your customer data, fields, and client indexes directly into your Emma software. Then, you can take that information and send more targeted, personalized material. 

Say you have a client that prefers a specific type of class. Maybe it’s cardio or muscle-building. MINDBODY helps you collect information about the types of classes each client has attended, which then allows you and your team to segment your email lists and send personalized content to each client.

MINDBODY email example

Source: Emma

The MINDBODY integration is an excellent choice for those looking for a more all-in-one solution at an affordable price. 

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is a third-party option that can be used with our Zapier integration. The set-up process is as simple as connecting your apps after you’ve signed up. Once that process is complete, the marriage process is painless. 

Acuity Scheduling is a third-party option that can be used with Zapier integration

Source: GetApp

These software choices offer users many options that benefit both the brand and the customer. Customers get access to simple scheduling options while your business sets up triggered messages for: 

  • Appointment start times

  • Cancellations 

  • Rescheduling 

  • New appointments

  • New groups

  • New products 

That’s only the beginning. When marrying this with Emma’s email marketing software, you get to use your newly collected client data to create targeted messages. Even better, you can:

  • Block off times on your fitness class schedule

  • Add new coupon and package codes for clients to access

  • Find users based on appointment ID and or client information 


Pike13 is another excellent option. It’s possible to sync client data from a Pike13 account and segment users into various emailing lists. Because you can use the information you glean from Pike13 to create targeted campaigns, you’re empowered to create a truly personalized customer experience.

Pike13 software

Source: Pike13

With this software, you can use your segmented list (by geographical location) and send out a “new location” or “we’re moving” email campaign. Take this example from Anytime Fitness:

Pike13 email marketing email example

Source: ISSUU


Finally, if you’re looking for an integration that allows you to bring your fitness events to life, then Eventbrite is a perfect option for Emma users. 

While Eventbrite is known for large events, it can be used in other ways - like scheduling fitness sessions at specific venues. This is especially helpful for personal trainers that find themselves working with multiple institutions. 

Eventbrite software

Source: Eventbrite

The Eventbrite integration provides you with many powerful tools to help you register your sessions, share your schedule across multiple channels, and track your attendees. This integration gives email marketers the ability to:

  • Send targeted and personalized emails to increase overall engagement

  • Automate email invitations

  • Sync contacts and historical data from Eventbrite

  • Use customer data to re-engage inactive fans and more

Bring your next fitness event to life.

Eventbrite email campaign example

Source: Eventbrite

Wrap up

When it comes to marrying your fitness scheduling software to your email marketing efforts, the process doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, when done right, it will help streamline your day-to-day activities. 

Here are a few fitness scheduling software options to consider adding to your email marketing software:


  • Acuity Scheduling

  • Venga

  • Pike13

  • Eventbrite

Emma offers a variety of integrations to streamline your daily activities. To see what we can do for you, schedule your demo today.

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