How to ensure your newsletter format converts

Newsletters are a great way to start conversations, build brand awareness, and establish positive relationships.

These weekly or monthly emails provide audiences with valuable insights into the overall structure of a brand, breaking news, promotions, local insights, and more.

When rolling out newsletters, you’re letting audiences know you care about their relationship. You’ll want to continue building this connection by keeping the audience in the loop about what’s new with your company.

Newsletters can also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are packed with information that’s extremely useful to the consumer while others are just casual check-ins.

What goes into a newsletter depends entirely on your brand itself. But the importance of a newsletter format can’t be forgotten.

The importance of a branded newsletter

Newsletters are an integral part of any email marketing strategy. These emails keep the conversation going, giving consumers more of what they want in the form of informative, insightful, and engaging content.

Newsletters can bridge the gap between your brand and the consumer, opening up the opportunity for exciting and fruitful interactions in the future. Newsletters are also a great way to convert leads into conversions.

It’s not news that consumers actually want to hear from brands. While consumers don’t want to be bombarded by promotional content, they do want to stay up-to-date on what’s going on with some of their favorite brands.

So, newsletters are a great way to give users what they want with ease. And there are some ways to increase conversion rates thanks to a brand’s newsletter format.

While this form of communication drives conversions, it also needs to look the part. Here are some ways to ensure your newsletter format is making the most out of these frequent interactions.

1. Keep branding consistent.

Seventy-seven percent of marketers cite branding as critical to overall business growth.

Branding can radically transform the future of your brand by establishing an identity that is compelling, relatable, and engaging.

When creating newsletters, you’ll want to ensure that branding is evident and consistent in a number of ways. This includes the imagery that opens up the newsletter, the messaging, and tone that’s infused throughout the body as well as the overall email template.

These emails should feel like all other interactions. They should capture a brand’s core values, call to the brand’s other existing online experiences, and promote a consistency that encourages trust in the brand.

It’s easy to get carried away with email and lose brand consistency along the way. But in order to drive conversions and increase sales, you’ll need to ensure you have a solid brand identity that you’re promoting consistently and seamlessly.

2. Keep it short, sweet, and eye-catching.

When it comes to consumer interactions, while they want to interact, they may not read every single thing you have to say.

Many consumers admit to skimming content online. Therefore, in order to increase conversions and drive online sales, you’ll need to invest in shorter, quippier email content.

You should take the time to go through your email format, edit for length, and remove any unnecessary sections, keeping the email concise and to the point.

Here’s an example from the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation. This email is short, but impactful.

Here’s an example from the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation. This email is short, but impactful.
Image credit: Campaign Monitor

3. Personalize emails to your audience.

Another way to change up newsletter format to drive more click-through rates is to add more personalization.

This might mean including the name of the recipient if that’s not done already. It also means using tracking data and analytics like tracking pixels to better understand what audiences are doing with emails once they’re opened.

This data can help you better understand who your audience truly is, and how to make the biggest impact with email.

We know consumers want to receive emails from brands. But taking it a step further and really understanding what information they’re looking for and what will compel them to click to a website is vital to establishing a successful email format.

4. Play with video content.

A fun way to play with email formatting to drive conversion is through the integration of video content.

Videos are an extremely engaging medium for consumers—and they drive sales.

Companies that invest in video content see an 81% increase in sales. It’s really a no-brainer to start infusing this video content into your email campaigns. When you do so, you can expect to see conversions almost immediately.

Think about it on a personal level—videos are more engaging than written content. They require less work to engage, and often make you feel better about a company because videos make brands feel more relatable.

Therefore, adding videos into email formats is a fun and effective way to get consumers clicking.

Here’s an example from Converse. Their email newsletters include video—and it’s the first thing that jumps out at you. As soon as the user sees it, they’re intrigued to learn more, and click to find out what exactly the brand is trying to convey.

Here’s an example from Converse. Their email newsletters include video—and it’s the first thing that jumps out at you.
Image credit: Campaign Monitor

5. Leave your audience with a compelling call-to-action.

The best way to close an email is with a strong call to action. This call to action is how the audience knows the next step in their journey.

CTAs tell email recipients what to do next. If they liked the content in the email, they will click the CTA to learn more or cash in on a promotion a brand is offering.

An effective newsletter must end with a commanding call-to-action. And this CTA needs to be very clear, obvious, and eye-catching.

CTAs can come in a number of different forms. Sometimes it’s a simple line at the end of an email directing users to more content. Other times, it’s a clickable button, making it more obvious and poignant.

But regardless of how a CTA button looks, make sure that it exists.

Otherwise, consumers won’t be compelled to do much of anything.

If a newsletter doesn’t have a CTA, then what’s the point in having one in the first place?

That’s why you’ll need to make sure that your CTAs drive real action and are making an impact on the audience as a whole.

Wrap up

Email newsletters are powerful. But brands need to do more to leverage their potential and create email formats that convert with ease.

Email marketing campaigns can get tricky. But one thing remains true: emails are a vital part of this strategy that requires constant work, constant marketing, and constant evolution. When you do this, you ensure you have a loyal base that continues to come back to your brand for more insights and more purchases.

Here’s a quick wrap-up of what you should do with your email newsletter formats:

  • Focus on branding and keep it consistent

  • Ensure emails are short but valuable

  • Personalize emails to target audiences

  • Try integrating video

  • And end newsletters with a powerful CTA.

With these tips, newsletters will soon be the driving force behind all website traffic.

Learn just how vital your newsletter is here.

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