How to drive growth with your franchise email campaigns

When it comes to managing a franchise, things can get interesting. Brands likely aren’t only promoting a local entity, but also a corporate brand that’s known across the country, if not around the world.

Brands can make the most out of their email marketing initiatives by following a few best practices and implementing effective strategies. And it’s advantageous for franchises of all shapes and sizes to customize their strategy to their local branch while still supporting the larger entity.

Whether you're a franchise marketer managing an individual location—or a handful—or in a corporate role, we’ve compiled a list of growth strategies to help you take your email campaigns to a new level.

1. Use local promotions.

One way to make an impact is to start rolling out a newsletter catered to a local audience. People tend to care about their neighborhood, therefore they likely care about what’s happening with a favorite restaurant or boutique shop.

Franchises can capitalize on this. With these newsletters, brands can let their audience know about what’s affecting their local store. This might include renovations, promotions, sales, deals and other news that’s relevant to the audience at hand.

You can grow your business by effectively cultivating an email newsletter audience, increasing your chances of audiences having happy and engaging experiences with a local branch. 

Here’s an example from Soho House that shows just how engaging an event announcement can be on franchise email audiences.

Here’s an example from Soho House that shows just how engaging an event announcement can be on franchise email audiences.

Image source: Campaign Monitor

2. Use retargeting tools.

Email retargeting can be an engaging way to make sure emails are reaching the right audiences. It can also ensure those audiences take action once an email is received.

When brands roll out email retargeting campaigns, they are targeting very specific audiences and building emails based on specific behaviors—for instance, targeting those who open franchise emails and those that click through emails separately.

This allows marketers to take a more customized approach to their marketing initiatives, facilitating a customized dialogue that encourages more customers to open, scroll, and click.

It may be difficult for franchises to pinpoint their specific audiences and pull them out of the crowd of global consumers. But retargeting can make it easier for franchises to learn about their designated audiences accordingly.

For a franchise as a whole, objectives might be centered around rebranding or global awareness. But for local branches, the goals are likely around growth. And in order to grow, they need an engaged audience. And that engagement can’t happen if emails aren’t hitting their mark.

A case study by ReTargeter found that email retargeting had an impact on upsells—increasing them by 3-5%.

Local franchises should invest in email retargeting to focus on their audiences and build the content, format and CTAs that pay off in the long run.

3. Use consistent branding.

There’s an elevated importance on the overall customer experience. And there are more devices and more channels through which consumers can interact with brands. Therefore, brands need to do more than ever to invest in this overall experience, keeping it consistent and seamless.

Brands that are consistently represented see three to four times more brand visibility.

So there’s real data to show that consistent branding actually makes a positive impact on audiences, providing them with heightened awareness and increased sales. It’s important that marketers promote this branding when it comes to their email marketing campaigns—franchises included.

The good news is that, as a franchise, the brand identity is already established. If someone opens an email from IKEA for example, they don’t have to do much in the way of promoting a well-known persona or brand.

But what local franchises can do with their email is add a local spin that is more engaging and relatable. With these emails, brands are reaching out to local audiences—not a global network of individuals.

There’s more freedom when it comes to imagery, messaging, and experience.

But what needs to remain the same is the feeling consumers have when they read these emails. This adds to the overall brand experience that they think of when it comes to a specific store or restaurant. And throwing any inconsistencies in there can negatively impact an entire brand performance.

Therefore, franchise email campaigns need to be consistent, clean, and cohesive. Franchises can benefit from an omnichannel approach. They need to ensure that their emails—while personalized to local audiences—blend with their online presence, mobile app, and in-store experience.

This can drive the most growth more fluidly and more quickly.

Here’s an example of a franchise offering promotions in a way that keeps branding consistent—Pret A Manger.

Here’s an example of a franchise offering promotions in a way that keeps branding consistent—Pret A Manger.
Image source: Campaign Monitor

4. Roll out comprehensive lead nurture campaigns.

Franchise businesses can also drive brand growth with a dedicated lead nurturing strategy.

These lead nurture campaigns show consumers that a brand cares. These behavioral-based emails can take people on a journey, answer key questions, and cultivate a culture of openness and transparency that drives sales overall.

When franchises invest in lead nurture, they are investing in their audience and their relationships. And relationship-building is one of the most successful tactics any marketer can take on.

In order for a consumer to feel comfortable interacting and buying from a brand, they need to trust them. These lead nurture campaigns establish that trust by offering a helping hand without the consumer ever needing to reach out for one.

Whether they click through to a franchise’s local site, interact with social media accounts, sign up for a loyalty program in-store or subscribe to an email list, an automated email campaign can take them to the next step—whatever that next step may be.

Lead nurture is a long process. But it’s also one of the most successful tactics in email marketing because it converts consumers for life. And when it comes to a local business, that’s a major success.

Wrap up

Franchises can reap many benefits from comprehensive email campaigns. But when you break down these franchises to their local subsidiaries, those email marketing challenges can increase.

Driving growth is possible through franchise email campaigns. Marketers just need to know what initiatives to invest in. Email marketers can drive growth for their franchise businesses through:

  • Comprehensive and local newsletter blasts

  • Retargeting campaigns that highlight local user behaviors

  • Brand consistency and cohesiveness

  • And lead nurture campaigns that invest in audiences.

Through these ways, franchises can build their local following and put themselves on the path to success.

Do you want more tips on how to invigorate a brand fanbase? We got you.

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