How to beat inbox fatigue in the new year

January 10, 2017 Christopher Lester


A while back, our friends at Direct Marketing News asked me, "How can marketers combat email fatigue after a busy holiday season, and re-engage subscribers for the new year?" 

Here's what I had to say:

Each year, my own inbox starts busting at the seams with promotions and offers in November, setting me up for a season of buying gifts and, if I'm being totally honest, treating myself to a few things I've had my eye on all year long. By January, I'm in detox mode, ready to opt out of every brand that's selling me something (and eat more kale, of course).

For a brand to really grab me and keep me around in the midst of a big January purge, I've got to see some real value. Not just the "save big, limited time, act now" value, but something that makes me feel smarter, get inspired, and adds to the trust I've put in my relationship with your business.

My advice to marketers? Use January to show off what you're worth in the long-term. Share tips and advice that are related to – but not all about – your product or service. Send a series of emails that are focused on making life easier, with takeaways that show that you care about your subscribers' well-being. In each email, be authentic to your brand and consider offering a way for readers to manage their subscription preferences.

People remember how easy you make this experience, and if a few decide to leave your list, that's okay. New subscribers are everywhere, so put as much emphasis on finding new ones as you do retaining the ones you already have.


Updated on January 9, 2018

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