How The Dessy Group creates a personalized experience for every bride

McKenzie Gregory


One of the hardest parts of wedding planning (aside from, well... everything)? Coordinating and communicating with all the different people involved in your big day.

With wedding parties getting bigger than ever, shopping for day-of wear solely in person is pretty much out of the question. But brides still want to be able to discuss options and keep track of who’s wearing what … and who they need to hound to order their dress in time. It’s no wonder that the process has sent countless blushing brides into stress-induced meltdowns.

That’s why The Dessy Group, a popular bridesmaid dress company, wanted to make shopping for wedding day apparel as fun and effortless as possible. Here’s a look at how email marketing helps them power an enjoyable, personalized shopping experience for every bride-to-be.



Connecting the shopping experience inside and outside the inbox

On The Dessy Group’s website, you’ll find their “Showroom.” There, brides can shop virtually with their ‘maids in a way that mimics the real deal. It works like this:

1. A bride sets up a showroom and saves her favorite dress styles.



2. She invites her bridesmaids to come check them out, and they automatically receive this email.



3. When the bridesmaids accept their invitation and check out the showroom, the bride is notified.




4. Anytime a friend completes an activity – like commenting on a dress, favoriting a particular style, or making a purchase – the bride receives an email notifying them of the change.



Bridal parties get all the benefits of shopping together in a store, but it’s completely stress-free and saves a ton of time (plus, they never have to get out of their PJ’s!).

And thanks to Emma’s Event API, shoppers get this fantastic experience without anyone at The Dessy Group having to press “send” on a single email. Each one is automatically triggered by website activity, and the images dynamically display whatever dresses the user has been interacting with.

It’s a personalized shopping experience at its finest. And while we won’t give away any insider secrets, those automated emails have gotten some of the best response rates The Dessy Group has ever seen.

The moral of the story? Create a seamless through-line from your website to the inbox and back again, and your customers will get a fantastic impression of your brand that inspires loyalty for years to come.


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McKenzie Gregory

McKenzie Gregory is a senior content manager on Emma’s marketing team. A Nashville native, she can be found covering all things email on the Emma blog, debating hyphenation rules, and watching obscene amounts of Netflix without a trace of shame.

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