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McKenzie Gregory

Anyone who’s ever been (or known) a new mom knows that it’s an overwhelming, all-consuming job. But it's important that new moms still find ways to care for themselves along the way. That’s where Baby Boot Camp comes in.
Baby Boot Camp is a franchise that provides provide fitness, nutrition, and community support for moms. Here’s how Emma helps them get the word out about important news, programs, and events to their entire community, but still maintain a consistent brand image across the board. 

Inspiring strong moms

“At Baby Boot Camp, we offer the support new moms so badly need,” said Director of Marketing Katelyn Battaglia, “Not only for their bodies, but also emotionally. It’s about caring for yourself on every level.”
From Stroller Fitness to Birth Recovery, their programs – led by nationally certified fitness professionals – promote total wellness and help women find a sense of community among other moms.

Finding a way to effectively communicate

Baby Boot Camp’s franchise owners primarily use email to share class changes, exercise routines, nutritional advice, community programs – anything they want to quickly and effectively spread the word about. 
And with so many different franchise locations, they needed an email platform that allowed them to organize their communications in a clear and intuitive way.
"We had been with a different platform for years,” said Katelyn. “And after doing some research, I decided to try Emma. What I really loved was the franchise platform you provide: The tiered structure allows me to hop in at a corporate level and see what’s going on across locations, but each franchise owner also has a sub-account to manage their own email communications.”

Keeping it all on-brand

It’s also important to Baby Boot Camp that they keep their brand image consistent. Thankfully, Emma’s features allow those standards to be set at the corporate level, then easily distributed among franchisees.
“The functionality Emma provides is like no other. We’re able to provide our franchise owners with attractive, branded templates, and it makes running their business much easier. They love the fact that it’s just a few clicks: They can enter their info into a template and press ‘send’ without it eating up a big chunk of their day.”
Empowering franchise owners to do their own email marketing (and cater their messaging to their specific audiences) has really paid off: Baby Boot Camp averages a staggering 59% open rate across all of their sub-accounts!

What would they tell other franchises about Emma?

“I would tell any franchise marketer to just try Emma because they’ll never want to go back to another platform,” said Katelyn. 
If you’d like to try out our Franchise Edition, just get in touch! We’ll happily let you take it for a test drive. ​

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