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McKenzie Gregory


The marketing team at MoZeus Worldwide – a tech agency out of Conyers, Georgia – has quite a bit on their plate.

Positioned as a behind-the-scenes technology partner, MoZeus delivers world-class engagement solutions (paired with data-driven analysis and insights) to their clients. Their mission is to create the most efficient and effective technologies possible, and they work with over 500 brands on 5 continents!

So not only are they super busy – they also have to hold their work to an impeccable standard. After all, they’re marketing to marketers.

“For us, the bar is set so much higher,” said Megan Stewart, Marketing Director at MoZeus.


The problem: An overly complicated email platform

When Megan first came on board at MoZeus, they were using an expensive enterprise platform that was incredibly time-consuming and difficult to use.

"Getting it up and running was very frustrating,” Megan said. “Sure, there was a lot we could do, but there simply wasn’t the time to do it. It was a tedious task to send a single email."

MoZeus is a fast-paced agency, and everyone on their marketing team wears a lot of hats. There’s no single person dedicated to email marketing, so no one had the bandwidth to deal with the complexity of the platform. Worse yet, any time they tried to reach out to their provider for help, they were charged a ridiculous amount of money for simple fixes and quick consultations.

“Our old provider wouldn’t actually help us with anything – we had to go through a consultant, and it was like they were trying to completely drain our marketing budget,” Megan said.


Finding the right platform

As soon as their contract was coming to a close, Megan made a point to start researching email platforms that would be a better fit.

“I wanted to find something with great analytics and the ability to sync with Salesforce, but at the end of the day, it was about ease of use: Being able to get emails out the door quickly, design them quickly – just get it done.”

Megan was already familiar with Emma because she was subscribed to our email list, so we made her short list for new platforms to investigate.

"I absolutely loved the content you were putting out. Once our contract was up, I had my heart set on Emma because I knew you’d be a great partner for us. After all, I already loved the resources you were giving me for free!”

After trying out a few different options, she officially made the switch.


The features that won them over

Our drag-and-drop editor

“The editor has made my life,” Megan said. "Everything is fast and I feel so confident, which is nice for an agency environment where so much of what we do is on the fly.”

Since building emails takes so little time, Megan now has the ability to be more reactive with their campaigns.

"If I see something cool or have an idea, I can create and send an email campaign that day without it being a huge undertaking."

Our people

Megan also mentioned that getting fast, expert help when she needed it was a huge part of her decision to switch.

“We initially had some trouble with setting up Salesforce, and I loved how fast everyone jumped in to help me: My salesperson, Dan, was immediately there to help (usually salespeople disappear, so the fact that he was still around was pretty amazing), and Lauren, my onboarding specialist, was on it right away. Everything was done that day. The difference between our previous customer experience and the Emma experience is night and day. ”


Stepping it up with their new platform

Before making the switch to Emma, email often took a backseat at MoZeus – simply because their team didn’t have the time to utilize their overly complex platform. Now, Megan is excited to experiment with their email strategy – especially since she knows implementation will be a breeze.


MoZeus always keeps their email messaging friendly and conversational. 


“Ultimately, our main goal with email marketing is to let people know that we’re here for them and that we’re more of a partner than a vendor. We want to come across as an expert – not an infomercial – in the inbox, and Emma is helping us do just that,” she said.  



We can’t wait to see how their emails perform as they continue to ramp up their sending! To learn more about MoZeus and their offerings, visit their website.

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McKenzie Gregory is a senior content manager on Emma’s marketing team. A Nashville native, she can be found covering all things email on the Emma blog, debating hyphenation rules, and watching obscene amounts of Netflix without a trace of shame.

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