How does Exit Intent drive email list growth?

*The following is a guest post from Dan Scudder, VP of business development at Privy. Privy is an Emma partner that provides simple tools, including customizable website popups and banners with exit intent, landing pages, and more to help you rapidly grow and analyze your email subscriber list.

Simply put, Exit Intent is an easy way to detect when a website visitor shows signs of leaving your page. It measures things like cursor movement, page scrolling, idleness and inactivity – all indications that a user will likely bounce. Many marketers use Exit Intent (at Privy, our platform has Exit Intent as a targeting option) as a way to present special offers and customize content to grow their email list and improve site engagement without disturbing the site visitors who are separately and actively engaged with your content. Here's a quick example from our own site:



Why Exit Intent?

Exit Intent can be a super powerful way to grab the attention of people who begin to lose interest in a particular page. You have nothing to lose when you detect that a visitor is about to leave, so why not make one last effort to grab their attention before they go? With rich analytics and personalization, you can even decide which users get presented Exit Intent-driven marketing based on their ongoing engagement level with your brand.

How does Exit Intent grow email lists?

Once visitors leave your site, there’s not much you can do to get them back. Retargeting through platforms, like Adroll and Criteo, provides one way to recover some of that lost site traffic, but you can also use an Exit Intent popup to make a simple request for an email address before you lose the visitor in the first place.

Experiment with different wording on your Exit Intent popup. You might consider something like “Sign up for news & updates." Or even better, you could try a more offer-driven approach like, “Before you go, enter your email address for 20% off when you return!” That way you can grow your email list and build ongoing relationships with people who have already shown some interest in your brand.

How well does Exit Intent work?

We’ve found that Exit Intent can result in 4%-7% of people leaving a website joining an email list before they go. The signup offer, targeting and presentation are all important variables that influence how much success you’ll see. But even the most basic Exit Intent popup can add new emails to your subscriber list. For example, if you have 100 site visitors and a 50% bounce rate, you’ll capture at least 2 new emails from people who would otherwise bounce from your site. Multiply that out based on your traffic levels and you’ll begin to understand the magnitude of power that Exit Intent can have for your brand!

How do you get started with Exit Intent?

At Privy, our email list growth platform makes it easy to add an Exit Intent email popup to your site. We also have a super simple integration with Emma, so you can auto-sync new email addresses in real-time over to Emma to send an automated welcome message and keep them engaged going forward.

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