How Cowboy Jungle is redefining great email marketing

Jeff Slutz


Cowboy Jungle, Inc. (CJI) are experts in taking single-brand retail websites and turning them into industry leaders. Looking stylish and super comfortable shoes? CJI’s has all kinds of options. Top-of-the-line compression socks? Head over to Scrubs that medical professionals actually want to wear? has you covered.

And business is booming. Over the last 7 years, CJI has amassed an incredible annual growth rate of over 40% for gross revenue and even higher for net income due to digital efficiencies. The keys to their success: smart digital marketing strategy and a whole lot of hard work.

“We focus on delivering the best experience to our customers and that extends to all areas of our digital marketing,” said CJI Digital Strategist John Faircloth. “That includes SEO, targeting & retargeting ads, website UX, and of course, email marketing.”



Despite their success, CJI’s Digital Team knew their marketing had a weakness – audience segmentation within their email marketing.

After a decade with another provider, CJI decided it was time to find an email provider who could help them segment their audience, email subscribers based on their customer journey, and uncover the Lifetime Client Value they had been trying to figure out for years. Rather than batch and blast marketing, the idea was to get as granular as possible and email the right people at the right time with the right message.  

“We spent over a year and talked to at least a half dozen email marketing providers, but we couldn’t find the right fit for our needs,” said John.



That’s until they spoke with Emma Account Executive Michael Baker.

“We love that Emma is sophisticated enough to help us hit some pretty aggressive marketing goals, but it’s still so easy to use that anyone on our team can hop in and create a great looking email,” said John. “Plus, the personal attention from working with Michael all the way through to their support team shows that they genuinely care about our success.”


Their campaigns for Alegria Shoe Shop are full of vibrant imagery and focused on a single, clear CTA.

They also find Emma’s unique tiered account structure super helpful. It allows them to manage all of their brands from one central admin account, which makes monitoring activity and performance a breeze. Plus, they can quickly dive into any one of their brands’ sub-accounts to set up the next email or take a closer look at their results.

After setting up their account, the entire CJI Digital Team attended Emma’s annual Marketing United conference and were blown away by the experience.

“Marketing United just confirmed we had made the right decision in joining Emma,” said John. “It’s truly a world-class event, and we left with so many ideas that we couldn’t wait to implement.”  

Their emails for Cherokee4Less lead with a bold headline and hero image. 



With the help of Emma team, CJI’s open and click rates have gone through the roof. Check out some of these averages over the past month: has a 27% open rate and 35% click rate. has a 31% open rate. has a 30% open rate and 18% click rate.’s recent re-engagement email scored a 45% open rate and 78% click rate!

Basically, they’re crushing it. And John can’t wait to implement some of the smart strategies they have planned for the future.

“We are growing tremendously, and Emma is going to help us rock our email business.”


Interested in taking Emma for a spin? Just give us a shout!

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