How charity: water innovates inside & outside the inbox

Jeff Slutz


We’re always excited when a new customer decides to join Emma, but sometimes one comes along that feels like they’ve been a part of the family for years. The staff is smart and friendly, the missions align, and they’re totally willing to share the last of Mom’s homemade salted caramel brownies.

That’s the case with the good folks at charity: water. They’re trailblazers in the nonprofit sector and doing some of the best email marketing around. Here’s three quick reasons we’re so pumped to have them on board.



1. They do good things all over the world.

The mission of charity: water is to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries – and they’re literally changing the world.

Since 2006, they’ve funded nearly 20,000 water projects in 24 countries, bringing clean drinking water to over 5 million people so far. And, to top it all off, charity: water operates on a revolutionary charity model in which 100% of public donations fund the projects, not operations.



2. They made a huge impact at Marketing United.

Really inspiring stuff, right? That’s why we partnered with charity: water to give all attendees at our Marketing United conference the opportunity to help fund a clean water project.

All they had to do was participate in charity: water’s absolutely breathtaking virtual reality experience, and Emma would donate $30 in their name. It was a super innovative and powerful use of technology that brought to life a crisis that thankfully many of us don’t have to face in the U.S.


Marketing United attendees participating in charity: water's virtual reality experience.


And the Marketing United attendees really stepped up. We set a goal to have 300 people participate, and we ended up with nearly 500! They raised well over the $10,000 needed to bring clean water to people in need.



3. They send beautiful email.

Just check out this follow up email they sent to attendees after Marketing United.



Not only does it look amazing, but it scored an astounding 73% open rate. They totally get how powerful timely, relevant email can be, and we can’t wait to see what they do next!


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Jeff Slutz

Jeff is a senior content writer at Emma. When he’s not geeking out over email marketing, he enjoys jogging short distances, chowing down on Mom’s cooking, appreciating a beautiful jump shot, and telling anyone who listens how underrated Ohio is. Usually not at the same time.

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