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June 13, 2017 Miles Price

Generally, support team members don’t work in their company’s Emma accounts — and a lot don’t even have access to Emma. So, what happens when a customer contacts support about an email they received? The support team has to loop in their marketing team, which takes time, and it can create a disconnect in that customer’s experience.

Our new integration with Zendesk gives supporters access to a customer’s mailing activity and list subscriptions from Emma, resulting in more informed conversations with your customers and speedier interactions with supporters — all from inside Zendesk.

Supporters handle email-related issues
Supporters can now manage email marketing and delivery-related Zendesk tickets without having to access Emma or contact your marketing team. They’ll be more up-to-speed with your customer activity  and it shortens support time — definitely a win-win.

Prioritize your highly engaged customers
Knowing what mailings a customer has seen and interacted with can help you prioritize support tickets based on engagement level. Higher engagement equals higher lifetime value.

Delivery due diligence
Let’s face it — sometimes folks say they didn’t get something when they totally did. Our Zendesk integration let’s supporters see whether a mailing was received, opened, or even clicked on by that customer. 


  • View all mailings from Emma that a Zendesk ticket requester has received

  • View the ticket requester’s mailing response data (opens, clicks, shares)

  • Edit and manage the ticket requester’s list subscriptions in Emma


Our Zendesk integration will be available later this month for all Emma customers via the Zendesk App Marketplace.


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Miles  Price

Miles is a product marketing manager on Emma’s marketing team, and—most of the time—uses em dashes whenever applicable. Other interests include photography, loud and fuzzed-out guitars, and that clean feeling you get when writing in a brand new notebook.

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