Get the big picture of your email performance with all-new Insights

Get the big picture of your email performance with all-new Insights

With Insights, easily benchmark the performance of your emails over time and quickly make actionable changes.


As data-driven marketers, our most valuable tools are the historical and demographic-based information we know about our subscribers. And that data helps us deliver more engaging content and build the campaigns that drive the results we’re looking for. All of the data that we’re collecting on our subscribers—detailed information on who they are, how they engage with our emails, and more—help us paint a bigger picture that leads to a winning strategy in our marketing mix.

But, for many marketers, having the tools to quickly act on that data and adjust their email strategy based on subscriber engagement is a huge challenge. Marketers need a holistic, aggregate look into how multiple campaigns performed over a period of time to make more informed and intelligent decisions in their strategy and take action when they see subscriber engagement changing.

That’s why we’re so excited to roll out our newest analytics tool with you: Insights!

Available for customers on the Emma Pro, Plus, and Emma HQ plans, Insights is our new reporting tool that gives you a date-based aggregate view into how your emails are performing, how your audience is growing, and a way to quickly act on any changes in engagement.

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Get visibility into your overall email engagement

Insights compiles the metrics from all of your mailings sent over a period of time—daily, weekly, monthly, or a custom range—and displays it in a beautiful and easy-to-read format. Simply put, Insights lets you see, measure, and benchmark the big picture of your email programs.

  • Summary view: Displays high-level percentages and details around your open, click, and delivery rates over a specified time period.
  • Campaign performance trends: A bar-graph view of engagement metric trends over time.
  • Detailed mailing performance: More detailed analytics and performance metrics displayed for each individual mailing sent in the specified time period (similar to the Compare Mailings feature).

See exactly how your audience is growing

Tracking audience growth has never been more simple and impactful. Open the Growth tab in Insights to get a detailed view into how many new subscribers you’ve gained, how many have unsubscribed, and how subscriber growth is trending over time. You can even save new subscribers in the selected time period as a segment to send relevant content to the new signups.

Know the impact of your marketing with performance trends

Insights automatically calculates email engagement and performance for you so you can quickly see which key performance metrics like opens or clicks are trending higher or lower. Each individual data point will display an increase or decrease over the specified time period (for example, a 15% lift in open rate this month over last month).

Actionable analytics you can actually use

Being able to have a bird’s eye view into your email performance is great, but all of that data is only as valuable as how you use it. We built Insights to give you an easy way to make meaningful adjustments in your marketing strategy.

In the Summary section, save out custom segments of subscribers that either opened or clicked the mailings sent in the specified time frame to easily pivot your sending strategy and deliver more targeted campaigns to these engaged groups of your audience.

Track engagement and metrics across your entire organization

For Emma HQ customers, Insights works at both the admin and sub-account level. As an admin, you’ll get a high-level aggregate view into your entire organization’s email metrics, and the sub-account selector makes it easy to drill down even further into a selection of sub-accounts — all from a single grid listing. 

Each sub-account can access Insights for their own metrics and reporting by clicking on Insights in the main navigation.

Wrap up

With Insights, it’s never been easier to benchmark the performance of your email campaigns and, more importantly, act on those changes immediately and prioritize the tweaks to your campaigns that will make the biggest impact.

Insights is available for all Emma customers on the Pro, Plus, and HQ plans. You can get started today by logging into your Emma account and clicking Insights in the navigation bar. If you’re not a current Emma customer and would like a demo, let’s talk!

Want to get a deep-dive look at the new Insight feature and get all your burning questions answered? Save your spot for our Insights webinar! 

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