What's new with Emma?

What's new with Emma 

October 2020

Redesigned Template Gallery

Email templates are one of the most valuable tools an email marketer can have. By having a go-to design for each type of email you send, you reduce the time spent building your campaign while also keeping your emails consistent and on-brand. And with Emma's upcoming template gallery redesign, you'll further reduce the steps needed to get your next campaign out the door.

Emma's new template gallery offers an intuitive experience when you get started on your next campaign. Its clean, refreshed look offers a more straightforward process in choosing and creating an email. Take a look: 

1. You'll start a new campaign as you have before, either from the main dashboard or Campaigns tab.

2) After naming your campaign, you will be taken to the new template gallery to choose your starting design. You can start from a previously-sent campaign, choose one of your templates, or browse our designed template gallery.


If you would rather start from scratch or code your own email, simply select the "start from scratch" button in the top right of the page.

3. Once your email looks the way you want it to, you're ready to send! 

The updates to our template gallery pave the way for our new email editor, which will showcase a modern, efficient email building experience. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements about the editor, but for now, get acquainted with the new template gallery!

Navigation Redesign

At Emma, our product teams have a continued focus on making our platform as accessible as possible. To better align with accessibility standards, Emma's main Dashboard page has been refreshed to allow for better navigation, while also updating its color and contrast, keyboard navigation, and other changes to accessibility devices. 

As an HQ admin or manager, you'll notice we’ve moved some menu items around, making it easier for you and your subaccounts to find what you need. For Pro and Plus users, the main menu section should look familiar. The navigation will remain the same, but the layout will have a new look. For all account types, the ‘Help’ link, all of your settings, and administrative tools have been consolidated into the menu in the top right corner.

Preview of the HQ page:



Preview of the Pro & Plus page:





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