Emma's email resolutions for 2019

While, for many, a new year brings resolutions, goals, and hopes for the next 12 months, our team has been knee-deep in results from 2018 and the email marketing forecast for 2019.

As you refine your marketing strategy for the new year, keep these ideas from the Emma team in mind:

1. A stronger focus on personalization. — Shane Phair, Chief Marketing Officer

"Email marketers should prepare for a stronger emphasis on personalization in 2019. Serving content tailored to your audience’s preferences will be paramount. 1-1 email marketing will finally replace 1-many."

2. Increased awareness surrounding data security and privacy. — Agathe Savard, Security Team Lead

"With the introduction of the EU’s GDPR in 2018, we saw the an increased awareness around data security and privacy. Marketers should expect 2019 to bring more security savvy consumers who expect greater levels of safeguards in the product they use to reach their audience. 

Campaign Monitor is anticipating this trend and is continually working on implementing security controls to help our customers meet or exceed the needs of their subscribers."

3. More opportunities to practice accessibility. — Logan Bard, Design Services Lead

“With technology like Google Home, Alexa, and Siri becoming more prevalent, that will ultimately end up changing how people interact with their email. There are a lot more things being read to you and you’re responding via voice, rather than interacting with text.

We need to make sure our emails are able to be read by voice-assistive devices, using strong and compelling copywriting, as well as solid effective accessibility practices in email development.”

4. Authenticity will be the key to marketing success.— Elizabeth Duffey, Services Team Lead

“Authenticity will be key to standing out in the inbox. With more brands than ever sending email and getting more sophisticated by using tools like automation and first name personalization, the standard ‘best practices’ alone will not set you apart.

Keep in mind, the best practices you read on a blog were probably read by thousands of other people as well. Taking the extra step to get to know your audience/customers and send relevant, targeted content based on their needs and who is engaging will go a long way. 

Try this: segment everyone who has opened an email in the last month and send a simple no promo thank-you email or interesting piece of content. Maybe even ask what they’d like to see in 2019 so you can stop guessing and let them tell you what they want.”

5. Back to the email marketing basics. — Elizabeth Duffey, Services Team Lead

“‘Walk before you run’ is something I tell every customer when we first get started. Email marketing is having a big moment and that’s going to only get bigger in 2019. So many people get distracted by buzzwords and new tools, but don’t have the basics like a healthy list, thoughtful welcome strategy and solid content calendar in place. 

It’s important to make sure you have the basics in place before you worry too much about testing the color of your buttons. Don’t forget: you have to get (and keep) people on your list for that content to matter.”

6. Everyone will be talking about data privacy.— Art Quanstrom, Global Data Privacy Manager

“Email marketers should prepare for more public conversation about data privacy.”

If we were to pick the biggest change in email marketing in 2018, GDPR would definitely be it. While it did send many companies fearing for loss of their subscriber lists, it also established more brand loyalty and allowed brands to learn who their most dedicated customers were.

In 2018, we predicted that engagement would be more important than acquisition, and the enforcement of GDPR is why this prediction was correct and will continue to see this to be true. 

7. The biggest pressure? Growing your list.— Carissa Phillips, Deliverability Support Manager

“The pressure on marketers to grow their lists faster will continue to rise and the methods of sourcing subscribers will become increasingly creative. Smart marketers will think critically about the whole lifecycle of their subscribers; With the subscriber's interests in mind, they'll grow lists organically and nurture/encourage engagement for a longer period of time.”

Wrap up

Are you making any marketing resolutions for 2019? Do you have any predictions of your own? Let us know in the comments! 

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