Emma just got one stunning makeover


Nope, we’re not talking about the hair and the glasses (still flawless). The Emma account interface has a whole new look that makes getting what you need to get done faster and easier than ever.




Sidebar navigation

With the new sidebar navigation panel, you have instant access to all the tools you use every day to send beautiful email. All of Emma’s Audience, Campaigns, and Response features are now neatly organized in the sidebar, so they’re just a click away.


Modern grids

We’ve completely rebuilt grids (how your data is managed and displayed on the page) from the ground up using the latest proven tech. Simply put, grids load your data super fast, which means you can zip around from one section to the next significantly faster — about 80% faster, actually.

Thanks to the coding genius from our product team, the new sidebar nav and grids give you better (and did we already say faster?) access to your data in Emma, making it even easier to do your best marketing on a daily basis.

The reviews are in

We conducted a highly complex, super scientific survey of our beta testers to see what they thought about the new interface. The results?

Boom. That's 100% who gave it a heart or a ta-da (even better than two thumbs up, if you ask me).


Want to try it out?

The new Emma interface is available to all Pro, Plus, and Premium package customers. If you're not in one of those packages (or not sure) and want to take it for a spin, just let us know. 

And if you’re not an Emma customer, get in touch! We’ll be happy to show you around one of our accounts.


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Miles  Price

Miles Price is a Product Marketing Manager at Campaign Monitor.

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