Emma HQ: How Venga Enhances the Customer Experience

When we first created Emma HQ, we knew that it would only work if we made sure it also integrated with the other services and apps our customers use day-to-day. One of our integration partners is Venga, a platform known for enhancing customer experiences using data. 

With solutions for restaurants, fitness studios, and more, Venga helps teams nurture their customers’ journeys and advance conversions and ROI more efficiently. 

We knew many of our customers already use Venga to create data-driven engagement strategies that increase client satisfaction, loyalty, visit frequency, and average spend per customer. That’s why we wanted to make it as easy as possible to use Emma HQ in conjunction with these services. (If you’re looking for tips on putting your guest data to work, read this guest post from Venga!) 

Venga gathers and analyzes customer data to power the marketing campaigns and email sends you’ll create using Emma. Then, Emma scales and facilitates your marketing efforts to create personalized and lasting connections. Combined, this integration supports your restaurant in creating stronger connections with your guests, turning walk-ins into regulars. 

Here are some of our favorite ways customers can use Emma HQ and Venga together: 

Use guest behavior to inform your next move.

Venga allows you to collect and segment customer data, then sync your contact list to Emma for easy sends. 

The Palm Restaurant Group sent this email based on a segment of diners who hadn’t visited the restaurant in a specified amount of time. 

Create reports from any perspective. 

Using Venga and Emma together, you can track all of the emails going out from all of your locations or subaccounts for a large picture view, or see individual customer sends for a more personalized view. 

Measure ROI and pinpoint your success. 

View the ROI from each Emma campaign, and gain the ability to attribute a guest’s action to a specific send. This integration can track success based on guest behavior like creating a reservation, visiting for the first time, or making another visit. 

Make sure your customer information is always relevant. 

Working in tandem, Venga and Emma automatically update your contact lists daily for all new clients. For example, you can set a trigger for diners who have visited 5 or more times in the last 6 months for a targeted loyalty campaign and promotion. See how Venga allows fitness studios to view member history and remember important information, like injuries or modifications.

Wrap up

Whether you’re a brand-new restaurant in town, a fitness studio with multiple locations, or a business seeking to improve your customer communications, our Venga integration empowers you to send personalized and relevant messages every time. 

Ready to see how Emma HQ can work for your multi-location business? Request a demo today.

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