Emma HQ: How EverTrue enhances the Advancement experience

Chelsea Castle

When we first created Emma HQ, we knew that integrating with services and apps would improve our customers' day-to-day. One of those integration partners is EverTrue, an advanced automation platform that enables higher education marketers to fundraise intelligently and effectively.

With more than 500 universities using Emma, we know that engaging alumni and donors is not always easy. In fact, that’s why Emma HQ and EverTrue is a perfect match for higher ed. The integration of the two makes it easier than ever to unify your overall advancement strategy, and automate every stage of the donor lifecycle. And with Emma HQ, you also have the ability to manage your emails across multiple accounts or departments, control brand consistency in every send, and create beautiful emails in an easy-to-use platform. 

Combining those benefits with EverTrue can be a game changer for marketers in alumni relations and advancement. Integrating Emma and EverTrue means you're able to easily build audience data and directly input it into Emma in one click, allowing you to create the perfect list with personalized content and automated sends. You can combine forces to raise money, engage your audience, and do your best marketing yet. 

Here are a few of our favorite ways customers can use Emma HQ and EverTrue together: 

Unify your lists 
Through EverTrue, you’ll get access to dynamic data that allows you to create valuable segments. Think giving history, event attendance, activities, and biographical data, all of which will give you a crystal clear view of user interests, affinity, and capacity. Those detailed segments then sync with Emma, giving you a defined and specific group to communicate with.

Develop and deliver personalized content
Using EverTrue and Emma together, you can create personalized emails with content tailored to very specific audience groups. You can also access social engagement data through EverTrue to segment people based around news and events they’ve recently expressed interest in to make sure your messages reach a receptive audience. This can help elevate your online giving, event registrations, major gifts, or volunteer engagement. (Think, driving donations and acceleration fundraising!)   

Close the reporting loop
You can never have too much data. Emma produces engagement data which, when used with EverTrue, helps you effectively understand how your constituent’s are engaging, and measure your email’s ROI. Email insights also help to give you and your team data to learn from, to help drive future donations.

How EverTrue works for Williams College

The combination of Emma and EverTrue helps many universities reach audiences based on interests or engagement, making each approach hyper-targeted, more simple, and less time consuming. 

“Now I can easily create and sends lists from EverTrue instead of going into our database, pulling a report, cleaning up a spreadsheet and sending it over,” said Laura Day, Director of Annual Giving at Williams College. “This partnership and integration really connects the dots. It allows us to talk to the population we want to reach right away, without taking on manual work to make that happen.”

Wrap up

Whether you’re seeking to engage alumni or raising funds for an advancement campaign, our EverTrue integration empowers you to create a unified, super personalized advancement marketing strategy to supercharge your university’s fundraising efforts.

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