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McKenzie Gregory

There’s only one day left to apply for Emma 25, y'all!

If by some chance you haven’t heard about Emma 25, here’s the deal: We close out each year by recognizing the hard work of small nonprofits who are doing big things in their communities, awarding them an Emma account to send to up to 5,000 contacts for free. This is the 12th time we’ve done it, and throughout the years, we’ve encountered some really incredible, super deserving organizations.

We recently got the opportunity to chat with Nora Kern, the Executive Director of one of our past Emma 25 winners – a local nonprofit called Walk Bike Nashville. Here’s a look at what they’re all about, the awesome work they’re doing, and how a free Emma account has helped make their jobs a little bit easier.

What is Walk Bike Nashville’s main mission?

Walk Bike Nashville is a nonprofit bicycle and pedestrian group. We work through education and advocacy to make Nashville a more walkable and bikeable city, which in turn will lead to a healthier and more environmentally-friendly community.

How does email marketing play into the work you do?

We see ourselves as a community group at heart, so it’s really important that we can get our message out to the people in Nashville.

We send our subscribers a monthly email newsletter that focuses on advocacy issues going on in the community and events we have coming up. But we’re also using Emma tools like segmentation to send more targeted emails to people who are interested just in education, or just in advocacy, or just in one of our community programs specifically.

Do you have an example of one of those more targeted email campaigns?

So we have this program called Walk Bike Ambassadors, and they’re our core group of advocates – people who are really passionate about walking and biking and want to get more involved in what we’re doing.

When we initially wanted to identify potential candidates for the program, we started by sending a mass email to our entire list that outlined the big picture of the ambassador program. We were able to see who opened and who clicked on the mailing so we could follow up with them and ask them to get more involved. And as a result, our next email about the program – one that we only sent to people who opened the first email –  did even better. We have 60 people who have now signed up for that sort of hyper-involved role.

How have you been using our Eventbrite integration?

We were using Eventbrite already because it was a really convenient way to organize our events. But using the integration has made things much easier. All of our bike classes and free community events are registration-required. So now we can just list those events on Eventbrite, pull the CTA buttons over to our mailing, and it all just takes us a few seconds. It saves a ton of time.

Any big marketing plans for 2016?

We want to continue to engage with people who are already opening our emails, who seem like they’re interested in getting involved and attending our events. So we’ll probably be working more with targeting and crafting super-personalized emails. We also really want to use more videos – that’s not something we’ve done a lot of, but we’ve seen really great responses the few times we have.

What has Emma 25 meant to your organization?

We applied for Emma 25 because we were already using Emma and really loved it. We were really excited for the opportunity to get more involved, to learn more about how to use Emma, and to be able to continue using Emma forever!

Email is the most effective tool we can use to engage with the community, to get people to come out to events, and to recruit volunteers. So Emma’s been great, and I would definitely recommend it to other nonprofits because it’s so easy to use, because it makes it easy to create great-looking emails, and the customer support is out of this world.



Interested in Emma 25? Hop on over to the registration page to submit your application – you have until the end of the day on December 2nd to apply!


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McKenzie Gregory is a senior content manager on Emma’s marketing team. A Nashville native, she can be found covering all things email on the Emma blog, debating hyphenation rules, and watching obscene amounts of Netflix without a trace of shame.

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