Emails we love: The Valentine's Day edition

February 13, 2017 McKenzie Gregory

Emails we love: The Valentine's Day edition
You might not feel it in the air, but there’s no denying that love is officially in the inbox. 
After a post-holiday lull, the impending arrival of Valentine’s Day is bringing out a ton of festive email campaigns from our favorite brands. It's such a nice respite from the drab days of February that I can't help but get extra excited about the ones that have really nailed it this time around. 
Here are a few of my favorite Valentine's Day emails from the past couple weeks. Check ‘em out, weigh in on my selections, and feel free to share some of your own top picks in the comments section! 

Subject line: What Girls REALLY Want for Valentine’s Day, According to the Stars
Polyvore Valentine's Day email
I don't see this tactic very often, but when I do, it completely captures my attention.
Here, Polyvore refrains from using virtually any copy in the body of their email. Instead, they set up the premise of the message in the subject line, and the recipient's path of action is abundantly clear: Click on your Zodiac sign to get your style horoscope.
When you have such an obvious point to your email and make good use of ALT text, it's a smart way to stand out in the inbox. 
Subject line: Get sweet on these Valentine’s Day Cocktails
Liquor Barn Valentine's Day email
First, I hope you'll refrain from judging me for subscribing to a company called "Liquor Barn." 
Second, I always feel a swell of pride when I see small brands doing smart things like this in the inbox.
Many companies would use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to blast their audience with themed promotion after themed promotion, but (be still my heart) Liquor Barn chose to send out fun, timely, engaging video content instead. 
It allows them to sell seasonal liquor without every actually saying “Buy" – and I can definitely say cheers to that. 

Subject line: Valentine’s Day: Single, Taken, or Over it?
Rent the Runway Valentine's Day Email
This email from Rent the Runway appeals to all possible demographics (and sentiments) on Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re celebrating with a special someone or doing your own thing, why not treat yo’self? And they get bonus points for a killer CTA: “NEVER SETTLE.” 

Subject line:  Celebrate Valentine’s Day With 25% Off Site-Wide 
Rowley Eyewear Valentine's Day email
This Valentine’s Day email from Rowley Eyewear forces you to sit for a moment and actually pay attention if you want to get the full message. The anticipation of waiting for the sale to be revealed captures my interest and keeps me more invested than if it were all laid on the table immediately. 

Subject line: Spread Some Love – The XOXO Event 
Misfit Valentine's Day Email
This email from Misfit isn’t screaming hearts and roses, but I immediately know that it’s a Valentine’s Day promotion. The single-column design looks amazing on mobile, and the email contains just enough content to capture my interest without ever becoming too cluttered or overwhelming. 
Subject line: 3 Steps to the Best Valentine’s Day Ever 
OrderUp Valentine's Day Email
In case you haven't heard, lists perform super well online (and in inboxes) because they're extremely easy to quickly scan and digest.  
This one from OrderUp provides the perfect content for their Valentine’s Day send. It’s much more engaging than a typical "special offer" promotion, and the purposeful hierarchy allows you to hone in on the most important bits so you can quickly get to the point. 
Subject line: Happy Valentine’s Day! 
Pandora Valentine's Day email
Ok, technically this is cheating: I got this email last year. But I never got an opportunity to talk about it, and I love it so much that I thought it was still worth including in this roundup. 
This is the epitome of timeliness and value: Pandora offers up some themed playlists for your holiday and saves the selling for the very bottom of the email. Plus, it's extremely visually engaging, which makes me want to keep scanning through the message (and clicking) to the very end. 
Subject line: Gifts $25 and under at our Valentine’s Day Shop! 
Nordstrom Rack Valentine's Day Email
Nordstrom Rack’s emails have a tendency to get a little busy, but they absolutely nailed it with this one. The arrow GIF points directly to the CTA button and tells your gaze exactly where to go – a super smart way to capitalize on eye tracking and encourage action. 

9. Canva

Subject line: Create something wonderful this Valentine’s Day 💞
Canva Valentine's Day email
I have to give the email team at Canva props for this Valentine's Day send. Not only does it look great on mobile, it makes use of clean design, an eye-catching CTA, and a clear value proposition.

Seen any stellar Valentine’s Day emails I missed? Share away in the comments! 

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