Emails we love: The spring design edition


Spring brings with it lots of great things in the marketing world – vibrant colors, fresh ideas, and a bevy of gorgeous emails from our favorite brands, to name a few.

So with summer just around the corner, we wanted to bid balmy spring days a fond farewell in the best way we know how: By celebrating 10 of the smartest, most beautiful emails we’ve received over the past few months. Check ‘em out and enjoy!



1. REI

We always love a good GIF in email (take a look at this post… or this one… for evidence), but we especially enjoy seeing email marketers use animated GIFs in new and unique ways.

This one from the folks over at REI instantly caught our eyes. Recycling marketing assets is a fabulous way to make the most of what you’ve already taken the time to create, so we loved the fact that they found a way to repurpose their physical catalog in this engaging, digital form.




2. ModCloth

One thing we enjoy about ModCloth’s email design is that they consistently favor vibrant, colorful imagery over copy. Here, for instance, the bulk of the email is comprised of a single photo. It’s proof that you don’t need a ton of copy to communicate a message effectively.




3. Chick-fil-A

Our friend Mike Nelson from Really Good Emails recently reported that using an image of your app on an iPhone is one of the top email design trends of 2016.

It’s absolutely true, and for good reason – if you’re promoting an app, there’s just something about seeing it on a shiny new iPhone that makes it instantly look more appealing. Just check out this recent example from Chick-fil-A!




4. Anthropologie

…or this more eclectic version from Anthropologie! It’s the same basic principle, but their interpretation of the trend works much better with their branding. Follow their lead by identifying design trends you like and adapting them to your own message and aesthetic.




5. Blueprint Registry

Blueprint Registry knows how to create a beautiful email. And we love the fact that they made this one extra interactive by allowing their subscribers to take action within the body of the email itself. The fewer clicks to conversion, the better, so allowing people to add things to their registry with a single click pretty much guarantees higher engagement.




6. Kate Spade

Oh, Kate. You never cease to impress us. This email showcases a fantastic combination of an animated GIF and social proof. Combining images of their products with reviews from their actual customers proves that real, human people are willing to advocate for the things flashing before your eyes.




7. Boxed

Numbered lists are one of the most easily digestible formats you can use in the inbox, especially for mobile readers (something to keep top of mind now that over half of all email is opened on a smartphone). And we especially like this one from Boxed – the use of GIFs adds a little element of fun to an already attractive email.




8. Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway does an incredible job of always keeping things as simple and streamlined as possible – and it makes for some seriously beautiful emails. Here, for instance, they pair a GIF that shows off one of their products with some brief copy, a bold CTA and a little social (media) proof at the bottom. It’s a simple recipe for an extra effective campaign.




9. Thistle Farms

As an Emma customer and nonprofit doing incredible things in our city, Thistle Farms already holds a special place in our hearts. But we couldn’t be more proud of this beautiful mailing. It’s an incredible example of the effective use of video in email – and proof that nonprofits can take advantage of retail design trends to help communicate their message.




10. Uber

Segmentation WORKS. Uber sent me this email because I live in Nashville, where Steeplechase takes place. I didn’t plan on attending this event, but I knew people who were and forwarded this email along – and they were able to take advantage of Uber's special offer. Serving up relevant content to your audience (based on things like location, events going on in the world, and seasonality) is a no-brainer that gets huge results in the inbox. 



Note: Did you know we just released an entire toolkit on segmentation? Be sure to check it out if you're ready to start sending more targeted, relevant messages.



Any fresh spring picks we missed? Share away in the comments! 


About the Author

McKenzie Gregory

McKenzie Gregory is a senior content manager on Emma’s marketing team. A Nashville native, she can be found covering all things email on the Emma blog, debating hyphenation rules, and watching obscene amounts of Netflix without a trace of shame.

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