Emails we love: The pumpkin spice edition

McKenzie Gregory


Our favorite festive fall email campaigns this season

Love it or hate it, nearly everyone is familiar with the official flavor of fall: pumpkin spice. In fact, you probably have a visceral reaction to the phrase alone, whether it's an immediate eye roll or an undeniable craving. 



Marketers love capitalizing on anything that elicits strong emotional responses, so of course there's been a sudden influx of pumpkin-spice-themed email campaigns these past few weeks. Since it's become such a popular email marketing trend, I decided to gather some of the best examples out there of "pumpkin spice done right." After all, if you're going to jump on the bandwagon, why not lead the whole parade?

That said, here are six of our the best examples I've seen so far this fall. 


1. HomeAway

Subject line: What's more fall than a pumpkin spiced latte?

Valid question, HomeAway, and way to go all-in on the season. From that adorable Boston Terrier covered in leaves to suggestions of festive fall getaways, HomeAway found a way to take a trend that doesn't necessarily have anything to do with their offerings, capitalize on it, and make it relevant to both their brand and their audience. 



2. Magnolia Home

Subject line: A seasonal favorite is back! 

So it isn't necessarily pumpkin spice themed, but pumpkin chai felt close enough to count. I absolutely love the simplicity and minimalism of Magnolia Home's email campaigns, which mimic the interior design aesthetic of their own Joanna and Chip Gaines. With muted colors and a clear CTA, this email elicits that warm-and-fuzzy fall feeling and makes it easy to purchase their fall candle. 



3. Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

Subject line:  Upgrade that PSL. Grab our Pumpkin 5-Spice🍦 

Jeni's tends to keep things simple in their email campaigns, letting their vibrant product imagery do the majority of the talking. I loved the big, bold graphic at the top of this example, plus the use of a relevant emoji in their subject line. 


4. Scoutmob

Subject line: delicious fall flavors: pumpkin chai jam, ginger infused honey, beer bread mix, sea salt caramel sauce, and...

The subject line of this email was a somewhat odd choice, and I'd be interested to see if the laundry list of items enticed opens or turned people away. The campaign itself was much easier to digest, however, with beautiful, seasonal imagery and a tile format that makes it effortless to choose the product you're most interested in. 


5. Whole Foods Market

Subject line: 100+ Creative Ways to Use Pumpkin

Whole Foods deserves some serious props for being one of the few retail brands that consistently leads with helpful content over sales and promotions. It's one of the reasons I consistently open whatever they send: I know that whatever's inside will be valuable to me even if I don't want to visit my local store anytime soon. 



6. World Market

Subject line: Our pumpkin spice coffee is BACK! 

This looooooong, scrollable campaign immediately caught my attention with all of it's seasonal offerings, smartly grouped together in a single email. Interestingly, this one landed in my inbox on August 1st. It was a risk on their part, but it may have paid off: While some people may have been turned off by the early promo, it was a smart way to get in on the action early with fall fanatics, who would be more likely to purchase these items anyway. 




Have you seen any other great pumpkin spice emails in your own inbox? We'd love to check them out, so share away in the comments! 

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McKenzie Gregory is a senior content manager on Emma’s marketing team. A Nashville native, she can be found covering all things email on the Emma blog, debating hyphenation rules, and watching obscene amounts of Netflix without a trace of shame.

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