Emails we love: The holiday edition

Our favorite festive email campaigns for the winter holiday season

This is where we'd normally say, "It's the most wonderful time of the year!," but 2020 has proved to be in its own league of need for holiday cheer. Even though your winter holidays may look a little different this year, your subscribers and customers are still standing-by at their inboxes, and it couldn't hurt to share some extra holiday spirit. 

Marketers want to be where the gift-givers are, lighting their path with discount codes, BOGO sales, and eye-catching design. As the days get shorter and the temperatures continue to drop, the stakes for holiday marketing grow by the minute. Although the season for hustle and bustle has just begun, we’ve rounded up our favorites so far in hopes of inspiring your holiday email marketing: 

1. Jeni's

Subject line: Allow us to introduce … NEW holiday flavors!

There's nothing like a holiday dessert to kick off the season, and Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams is always there for us to do just that. First of all, we have to commend the flavor names—Sugar Plum! Campfire Chocolate! Sparkling berry punch!—and the accompanying graphics, festive font, and whimsical catalog design has our heart growing two sizes already. One thing is for sure: Ice cream is an all-season dessert and Jeni's remains a fierce competitor in the holiday marketing games. And the most important detail? They ship nationwide. #Giftidea

new holiday product release email
2. Magnolia Home

Subject line: Keep it simple and beautiful

We know to count on Chip and Joanna to transform fixer-upper houses, but this email from Magnolia Home proves that their emails are wow-worthy, too. 

From the cozy home vibes to the practical greenery vase inspiration, this send captures all the sentimental feelings of the holidays and is on-brand with the rest of their business—welcoming warmth into a beautiful home. They’ve considered every design detail in this email, from white space to themes of greenery, and it pays off. Not to mention—It's holiday-agnostic, providing inspiration all season long!

holiday decorating email example

3. Rifle Paper Co.

Subject line: The Gift Guide is here!

Known for adding a touch of floral whimsy to paper goods and beyond, Rifle Paper Co. is always a company we look to for design inspiration, and they have yet to let us down this holiday season. While their products stand out as gift ideas on their own, this Christmas tree collage really steps it up a level. We love the chalk details, warm green tones, and how this email ties all of their products together in a holiday theme, without each of them having to be red or green. Bravo, Rifle Paper Co!


4. Postmates

Subject line: Buy One Get More for Cuffing Season

Okay, this is a strong start right out of the gate, not just because I love a good late-night Pad Thai delivery, but because they call-out something everyone’s thinking about during the holidays but not saying—cuffing season. 

The winter holidays welcome engagements galore, and Postmates is genius for knowing their audience and relating it back to their business. They hear you, fed-up singles, and those in relationships? Enjoy the discount code together. Win-wins all around.

holiday food delivery email example

5. RX Bar

Subject line: An email with a 50% off discount

Health and protein bars aren’t exactly products that come to mind when I think of festive fun, but this email proves that RX Bars deserve to partake in the celebration. Not only did they create two new seasonal-appropriate bar flavors, but they also announced them in a snow globe that shows they can keep up with other companies’ reindeer games. I love the simplicity of this email, and the call-to-action is super clear for those skimming their inbox for holiday deals. 

holiday sale email example



5. Warby Parker

Subject line: You may have noticed

This email strays from the traditional holiday color palette of red and green, and I’m definitely not complaining. Through a collaboration with Chilean illustrator Camilo Huinca, Warby Parker has added an additional collectible layer to their already-beloved specs: giftable artwork. While it would have been an exciting collaboration regardless, this email really ties together elements of Huinca’s artwork to create a stand-out gift idea and email. 

holiday collaboration email example


What companies are delivering holiday fun to your inbox this year? Let us know in the comments! 


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