Emails we love: The Halloween edition

McKenzie Gregory


The best Halloween emails to hit our inboxes this month

One of my favorite holidays of the year is quickly approaching, so for this edition of “Emails we love,” I thought it would be appropriate to highlight a few scary-good sends to hit my inbox these past few weeks. Here’s to proving that Halloween-themed email marketing can go beyond pumpkin emojis in subject lines.

1. Warby Parker

Guys! This is one seriously engaging email campaign. First of all, while they kept their usual top navigation bar for recipients who just want to shop, it's pure value-driven content marketing otherwise: a festive, multichannel, interactive experience for their subscribers. 


2. Chipotle

They already had me at "boorito," but the header image full of ghost peppers (get it?) and a tin foil jack o'lantern just took it to a whole new level. Plus, with a super scannable layout, it's easy to quickly digest the message of the email and act from there. 


3. Crate & Barrel 

Crate & Barrel is known for their next-level design aesthetic in the inbox, and they keep things similarly sophisticated in their Halloween promotion. The dark, eerie hero image shows off their best festive decor, and the tile format below makes it easy to shop their offerings. 


4. Bouqs

I wouldn't have expected such a great Halloween email from a flower delivery company, but Bouqs never fails to surprise and delight. From the endearing headline to the tongue-in-cheek imagery, they absolutely nailed this one. 

5. Pizza Hut 

Pizza Hut's email team has been on a roll recently, and this series was no different. Their Halloween-themed headlines stood out in a sea of "spooktacular sales," and the GIFs immediately captured my attention. Bonus points for those huge, tappable calls to action that look amazing on mobile. 




6. FootCardigan

I was just recently introduced to this wonderful company, and since then, I've been continually impressed with both their email marketing and unique brand voice. In this Halloween promotion, they kept things simple, but the minimalist design, wry copy, and powerful CTA were all it really took to create a winning campaign. 


7. Litmus 

"... but wait!" you say. "Where are the B2B examples?"

This year, our friends at Litmus threw this excellent footer image into their October newsletter. Just because you're selling enterprise software doesn't mean you can't get creative every now and again, B2B friends. 



Have you seen any solidHalloween emails in your own inbox? I'd love to see them, so share away in the comments! 


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