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It’s sad, but it’s true: The majority of emails you’re receiving these days probably aren’t so great. Convenience and habit cause many brands to craft less-than-inspiring messages, and all the duds can start to make your inbox feel pretty dreary. So few things get us quite as excited as when we encounter a real gem; those shining examples of outstanding content help us get through creative ruts and inspire us to improve our own marketing.

To celebrate quality emails that rise above their peers, we’ve assembled a few of the best examples we’ve seen this past month. Read on to see our picks and get the lowdown on what makes them stand out in a crowded inbox.



The champions of ultra-streamlined content

Far too many email newsletters come in the form of intimidating, unattractive walls of text. But there’s no reason to include a ridiculous amount of copy in an email when:

A. It’ll overwhelm (and most likely irritate) your subscribers and
B. What you’re really trying to do is pull your subscribers back to your website.

Thankfully, some brands take the daily email newsletter to the next level by organizing their articles into a streamlined, image-heavy, click-friendly tile format. Get to the point in your mailing by teasing your subscribers with the highlights of that day's (or week's, or month's… you get the picture) content. They’ll appreciate the ease of navigation, be intrigued by your compelling headlines and reward your efforts with a significantly higher click rate.




The New Yorker



Style Blueprint 




The warriors of white space

Well-used white space is the unsung hero of email design. While many brands overload their emails with content that says little more than “buy-buy-buy!”, white space gives your recipients’ eyes a break from constant stimulation and draws their attention to what’s really important in your message.

And when done correctly, it makes your mailing much more readable and engaging. Increased white space actually helps improve reading speed by 14% and comprehension by 20% – which is especially important as adult attention spans continue to decrease.







Vow To Be Chic




The esquires of eye-catching imagery

Some brands consistently send emails that are just plain beautiful. And while bare-bones emails can be effective, it’s great to capture your recipients’ imaginations with creative, captivating or delightfully understated email design.

Plus, if you already have gorgeous product or promotional images in your back pocket, why not take full advantage of them in your email marketing?




Peter Nappi



Kaufmann Mercantile




The GIF gurus

It’s a fact: People love GIFs. And using an animated GIF in your email adds an element of surprise that simply isn’t there with static email campaigns. They’re a great way to capture the attention of your reader and get them to click through to a landing page.

Just be careful not to use GIFs too often: If used too frequently or aggressively, your subscribers may tire of the once-beloved tool and become less likely to engage with your campaigns.

Weddington Way



As Seen In






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