Email marketing resolutions to strive for in 2017

McKenzie Gregory


This year, we resolve to make email better.

How’s that, you ask? Well, it starts with making sure we’re practicing what we preach in the inbox: Providing value to our own subscribers, sending relevant, targeting messaging, and so on. But we also want to help other marketers (Emma customers and non-customers alike) make the very most of their email strategy and provide a fantastic experience to each and every one of their subscribers.

So here are a few email resolutions to strive for in 2017. We know we’ll be working on them – so join us, won’t you?

In 2017, email marketers should strive to…


… send ONLY when you have something important or valuable to share.

This one can get tricky, especially when you’re used to sending in a clearly defined cadence – once a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, whatever. But whether or not you’ve been sending the same weekly email for the last 10 years, take a moment to really think about it the next time you’re about to hit send: Does this email contain something my subscribers will be genuinely interested in, that will help them in some way, or that they actually need to hear?

If you can’t qualify any of those with a “yes,” then you probably shouldn’t send the email.


… optimize for every screen size.

These days, your subscribers aren’t just reading your emails on their desktops. They’re opening them on their phones while they wait in line at the grocery store, or on their tablets before bed, or even on their smartwatch during halftime at a football game.

You never know exactly where they’ll be when they choose to engage with your brand, so make your email works (and looks great) in every possible email client and on every possible device.


…. let subscriber behavior guide your way.

Your audience expects timely, personalized, relevant email catered to their specific interests. The best way to give it to them? Automate emails that are triggered by subscriber behavior, both inside and outside the inbox. Integrating your ESP with things like your CRM and e-commerce platform allow you to send emails that correspond perfectly with each stage of the customer lifecycle.


… move beyond opens and clicks as our only metrics for success.

High open and click rates are certainly something to strive for: After all, they prove that people are interested in and engaging with what you send them.

But what is your REAL goal with email marketing? Maybe it’s to sell stuff, or to get people to share your content, or to attract potential students to your university. Identify the KPIs that truly matter to your brand and find ways to track them to ensure your email strategy is helping you hit all your most important goals.


… find integrated solutions to streamline the number of tools you use.

One great way to do just that? Find integrated solutions that organize your marketing efforts into one big ecosystem (rather than a bunch of separate, disconnected tools). That way, every part of the subscriber journey becomes connected to the larger picture, and your audience gets the kind of cohesive brand experience they both expect and deserve.


Do you have any email resolutions (beyond these) for 2017? Share away in the comments!



About the Author

McKenzie Gregory

McKenzie Gregory is a senior content manager on Emma’s marketing team. A Nashville native, she can be found covering all things email on the Emma blog, debating hyphenation rules, and watching obscene amounts of Netflix without a trace of shame.

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