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Jeff Slutz


One of our favorite parts of the Emma Plus Advanced Automation suite is the new “if this, send that” functionality. Some people call it branching or conditional logic. We like to call it the perfect follow-up email.

Branching logic lets you automatically send different campaigns to your customers based on whether or not they open an email or click a particular link. Take this example from our faux-retail brand WANDR.



They’re inviting a segment of VIP customers to a store opening in the Portland area. Prior to sending, WANDR’s marketing team sets it up so that those who open the invitation get a follow-up reminder a couple days later. Those who don’t open automatically receive a discount to shop in their online store.

It lets their customers’ behavior determine what kind of content they receive next, ensuring it’s more relevant to their interests and moving them further along in the customer lifecycle. And that’s just one example. Here’s a few more:

  • WANDR sends an email promoting multiple products. Those who click to shop backpacks receive a follow-up email with a discount on backpacks. Those who click to shop boots receive a discount on boots.
  • A nonprofit sends an email to their next fundraiser. Those who open it receive a follow-up email with more details about the event. Those who don’t receive the same initial email with a different subject line to see if that does the trick.
  • A software company sends a digest of popular posts from their blog. Subscribers receive different follow-up emails with product news related to the blog post they clicked to read.

The possibilities are endless, and with Emma Plus, it’s a total breeze to set them up. Just give us a shout if you’d like to try it out.


About the Author

Jeff Slutz

Jeff is a senior content writer at Emma. When he’s not geeking out over email marketing, he enjoys jogging short distances, chowing down on Mom’s cooking, appreciating a beautiful jump shot, and telling anyone who listens how underrated Ohio is. Usually not at the same time.

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