Announcing Emma's newest partner, Eventbrite!

We know that for many of you, event marketing is a huge part of your overall marketing strategy. We also know from experience (oh, hey there Marketing United) that promoting your events in a way that’s consistent with the rest of your marketing can be challenging, and tracking your ticket sales and attendees can be an even bigger headache.

To help solve that problem, we’re super excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Eventbrite, a leader in event registration and ticket sales. So what’s that mean for you? This partnership lets us provide a best-in-class integration that makes sending beautiful emails about your events, personalizing invitations and capturing ticket sales data easy and intuitive.


With this integration, you'll be able to display your Evenbrite events directly in your emails and track the resulting ticket sales and revenue in our Response section. We’re particularly excited about giving you the option to show multiple events in one email, each with their own ticket purchase button and sales/attendee tracking. We’ll show you how many tickets you’ve sold to each event, as well as totals for the entire mailing. Here’s how it works.

In the drag & drop editor, you'll find a new Events button at the bottom of the lefthand menu.

Drag it into your mailing where you want your event to appear, connect your Eventbrite account and choose from your events to customize how the event listing appears in your mailing.


And if you have multiple events you’d like to promote in a single mailing, you can include them all in a list view.


After you've sent your mailing, you can view results in real time on our Response page. We'll track available tickets remaining, total tickets sold overall and total tickets sold as a result of the email you just sent. It’s a really handy way to instantly gauge the ROI of your email.


If you have an event coming up soon, whether it's a small happy hour or a huge conference, give the Eventbrite integration a try!

Eventbrite is our first (and favorite) event management  integration, but if you're using another one, we'd like to know! If there's a specific product you use, do a quick search in Emma Community to see if someone's requested the integration before. If not, go ahead and ask for it yourself by posting a new conversation using the New Post button.

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